Naomi Obot Narrates Her Ordeal In Kidnappers Den



On the 21st of December this year, three women travelling from Lagos to Abuja in a bus owned by the transport company, God is Good Motors were kidnapped by armed bandits.

Luckily, two of them were released on Christmas day

In a chat with SaharaReporters, one of the released victims, Naomi Obot shared her ordeals in the hands of her kidnappers.

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According to her, about nine heavily armed men seized their bus, robbed all the occupants, while they kidnapped a fragile elderly woman, an NYSC member and herself because they perceived that they have wealthy relatives.

She explained that they walked for over an hour into a forest where a makeshift camp of raffia mats and lanterns was guarded by other men who were armed with rifles.

Immediately they arrived, Naomi said her captors continually smashed her right ankle with the butt of a gun to dislocate it, so that she does not try to escape.

In the first 24 hours in captivity, their abductors spoke on the phones to members of her family demanding the sum of N5million for ransom.

Although their abductors spoke English, pidgin and Hausa, they spoke mainly in Fulani, and their leader claimed to have been a trained soldier of the Nigerian Army.

According to Naomi, the armed gang brought a retired Nigerian Army officer and a three month pregnant woman to the camp on December 22.

She said that they were fed with a cup of dirty water and a piece of roasted yam once a day, at night. While their abductors kept negotiating drop-off locations for their expected ransom money.

According to Naomi, the female NYSC member who was abducted with her and the pregnant woman, who had begun bleeding profusely by her second day in captivity, was taken away

Naomi said her captors beat her occasionally because her family kept saying they didn’t have the ransom but kept begging for her release.

On the night of her third day in captivity, Naomi over-heard some of the members of the kidnap ring arguing vigorously about her.

She explained that two of the heavily armed men dragged her to a different area and the one who claimed to be their Commander said that she was bad luck and may lead to their capture as her family was not cooperating.

So, they decided to kill her.

While she prayed and begged the kidnappers to release all of them, the Commander of the gang slapped her very hard on the left ear that she fell to the ground, with a liquid oozing from her ear.

According to Naomi, when she fell to the ground,  three other heavily armed members of the gang came to that area and began a heated argument in Fulani language.
Shortly after the three men took over, she was dragged back to where the other two captors were and were told to leave.

She explained that they pointed at a direction and told them to run towards it and not look back if they wanted to live.

Naomi, who is limping on her dislocated ankle, said she and the retired soldier held the frail elderly lady as they walked for a long time in the forest until they reached a main road.

After several attempts at getting help from road users, at about 3:00 am on Christmas morning, a kind Nigerian who saw them gave them a ride to a nearby police check point between Kwali and Gwagwalada.

There, they reported their experience to the policemen, while she later met with her relatives who had been in Abuja working with law enforcement in relation with her abduction.


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