Shall We Talk About Moet Abebe And The Role Model-ish Expectations Of Her?


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We are always so quick to tell celebrities who are not living up to our expectations that they are bad role models. While many of them want to be seen as role models and will do all they can to conform to societal’s expectations of them, some of them really just want to live their lives on their own terms.

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In a May 2014 edition of OK Magazine, Chimamanda Adiche was asked a question on Beyoncé being a good role model for females, here is her response below;

“I don’t like the expression ‘role model’ the role model that children really need are their parents. I don’t think it’s the place of a public figure who has her own life to be expected to do what we want her to do. I do think that it’s wonderful that Beyoncé lives life on her own terms. If she were a man I don’t think we would be questioning things like ‘Is he a role model?’

Now let’s talk about it! Do they have a responsibility to be a role models whether they want to be or not? Should we always expect them to be?

Media personality, Moet Abebe was heavily criticised for saying she is not a role model last week, after her fans attacked her for posting a photo of herself in bikini.

She reacted to the attack on instagram saying,

And on that note!!! Plix I’m not a “Role Model”… I’m here to f*** ish up with my talent… I am in an industry where you have to express yourself the best way you know how… I’m here to make money and have fun doing what I was born to do… so you either get used to 2017 being filled with “bikini” photos and memorable moments of me or you just be that “role model” for your child or better yet make your mother your role model and not me!! Drops

Realising the impact of her statement, Moet came back to  apologise to her fans. She said,

Hi guys, I apologise for my slight outburst yesterday. Now I appreciate those who look up to me and see me as a “role model” and often times, it’s unbelievable that I even have those who can relate to me and love me for who I am. With me being viewed as a role model comes a lot of expectation to which I reacted the wrong way. I sincerely intend not to offend anyone, I apologise and I am forever grateful for those who still view me as being some sort of positive influence in their lives.








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