Stephanie Linus On Having A Baby At A Point Where She Was Totally Ready In Her Heart, Soul And Spirit


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Many people think that once you get married you are ready to get pregnant immediately, but it is not always true. Some women want to have children but they want to be sure they are emotionally, mentally or even financially ready to be able to go through the pregnancy process and also to nurture a child.

Although you can never be hundred percent ready, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being  ready to a level you are comfortable with. It just means that you recognise the huge responsibility of raising a child and you want to be adequately prepared for it.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus and her son, Maxwell is the latest star on the cover of Motherhood-in-style Magazine.

In an interview with the publication, Stephanie waiting for the right time to be a mother and being grateful that she has a child when she wanted to.

Read excerpts below,

On being ready for a baby

You get married and of course you want to get pregnant, do you understand? You believe God for a child sometimes but you also say, ‘God, I need to be mentally ready to have this baby’, I think I had to be at a point where I was totally ready in my heart, soul and spirit – totally calm to be able to have this baby. I won’t say it’s a choice or something, of course when you get married you’re hoping you’re going to have a child and you’re praying that it happens as quickly as possible. I am just grateful to God that it happened when I was totally ready.

On her son

It’s fun! I am happy. You know, when you look at his face, he’s such a sweet boy. He is a sweetheart. No one told me it would be this beautiful or should I say I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful it would be. No one told me it was possible to feel someone else’s pain, like it was my own. Every fall or discomfort my son experiences feel so real like its mine. No one told me I wouldn’t get as much sleep as I would love to or that the amount of in-house exercises and funny faces I would have to make for him would be endless. If he rolls on the ground, be prepared to do the same (laughs). No one told me I would need three hands. That he would probably call ‘dada’ before ‘mama’ or that I would start enjoying the smell of poop-eew! The great thing is that you can learn on the job.

On motherhood

Motherhood has changed me in profound ways. Every day I look at my kid and wonder if he actually popped out of me. The experience has basically turned me inside out, in a good way. I’ve learnt what it really means to put a person’s needs above my own. Emotionally, I have grown to love differently and understand life more meaningfully; I feel a huge sense of responsibility.

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  1. Toluwa Bamkole

    Toluwa Bamkole

    January 7, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    yea Das tru, one needs to be fully ready is not a child’s play at all.

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