These Women Are Flipping The “It Is In Men’s Nature To Cheat” Conversation And Serving Unfaithful Men A Taste Of Their Own Medicine!


In a bid to bring to fore the justification men gets for cheating, two women have decided to turn the tables around.

Using sarcasm, @LeTiny and Nkechi Bianze, put women in the place of men and vice versa, bringing to light the truth we all know but are afraid to speak about for fear of what the society will say – if men can get the pass for cheating, women should get the pass for cheating.

See Nkechi’s Facebook post below;

  @LeTiny  tweeted,

It is in a woman’s nature to cheat. As long as she comes back into your arms every night and keeps her relationships discrete, she loves you.

Even if a woman cheats on you with 10 men a day, it’s not enough reason to call it quits. At the ends of the day, she chose you. Be content.

I mean. It is in every woman’s DNA to cheat. All woman cheat. It doesn’t mean I do not love my husband. Sometimes, temptation arises.

I mean, our fathers that stayed with cheating wives and still lived happily ever after, did they die?

Small cheating and 21st century men would want to form woke. You should stay with your wife and know her reason for cheating, then pray.

Imagine. Ordinary cheating on your husband and they are shouting. Only a virtuous man would remain with a woman that cheats.

Keep leaving your relationship because your girlfriend cheated. You would find yourself in Shiloh 2020 cos all women cheat, after all.

As long as a woman is showing you all the love and care you need, even if she cheats on you, just accept it and enjoy her love in peace.

See forget, once a woman’s horny there’s nothing she can do to stop herself from cheating. The vagina has a mind of its own. You can’t fight

You men don’t even know you sometimes push your wives to cheat on you. Instead of you to keep calm and look sexy, you would be complaining.

Why won’t I cheat on my husband when he cannot understand that he doesn’t always have to shout at me? I would look for comfort outside.

Small cheating and you want to leave. If I cheat on you and you leave me for another woman or start swearing cos I betrayed your trust

You are delusional if you think your girl cannot cheat on you. You just don’t know it yet cos she respects you enough to keep it discrete.

A wise and virtuous husband would forgive his wife for cheating. Even sneak a condom in her purse so she doesn’t get infected. That is love!

Do you think it is easy to see a man with more money than my husband, sexier, more intelligent etc and not cheat on him? It is not easy!

What if Dangote’s son wants me for a night? Why shouldn’t I accept? It does not mean I have stopped loving my boyfriend.

The devil is a very funny person. He can tempt us at any time. So cheating is not all about discipline or self control. ALL WOMEN CHEAT.

If I cheat and my husband tries to question me, I would slap him, then dangle my affair in his face he since he wants to be childish

So because of ordinary cheating, you want to leave your wife? You are forgetting that she chose to be with you? In fact, YOU MEN ARE SCUM!

See ehn, this cheating thing is like this; “the mind is unwilling but the body is weak” Hence, we can’t stop ourselves from hurting you guys

You people really do not get it, do you? We women are just programmed to cheat. You just have to accept us the way we are.

Honestly, truly, I’m an Angel. I can love you to the moon and back but I just want to cheat in peace, that’s all

So after all the love and care I show to you,because I made the mistake of cheating, you want to leave me? You men are so ungrateful. Scum!

See, forget all this noise you men are making on twitter. Forming woke for nothing. We would still cheat and you would still love us

So cos of small cheating, you want to leave me for another woman? Good luck finding a faithful woman out there. We are all the same*pfft!*

The Bible said, if someone slaps you, turn the other cheek. So if I cheat today, bring another man tomorrow so we can have a threesome

There’s a difference between making love and having sex. I make love to my husband and have sex with other men. It is just sex, noin serious

If she cheats on you, no need to rant and rave, just watch war room

So because of ordinary cheating, you want to leave your wife? Small cheating? What’s this world turning into? We can’t cheat in peace again?

You men think it is easy to stay with one man for the rest of your life? Sleep with one man for the rest of your life? Ha! That’s too much.

Just because I cheat is not an excuse for my husband to cheat too O! The day he tries it, he is leaving

The vagina and penis are not the same. I can cheat with 100 men and the vagina would return to its normal size, but men, low sperm count

All in all, MEN ARE SCUM Let women cheat in peace and enjoy your marriages and relationships

Women are polyandrous in nature. It is in out blood. Don’t argue. Don’t fight it. Just accept it.

Because I cheat doesn’t mean you would cheat for revenge. It would bruise my ego. You know, my gals would think I’m not woman enough for you

Some of us are just cheating in the relationship, you know. Once we are married, we would change for the better. Trust me. Just be loyal

If I cheat and you divorce me, you are very selfish. Have you thought about our kids? Sense? What would society say about a divorced man?

If I cheat, there is no need to overreact. Let us sit and talk about it like mature adults. Think about our children for once.

There is a way you’d fast and pray for your cheating wife that God would make her turn a new leaf. At the end of the day, it’d be worth it.



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1 Comment

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