What Shall We Do About These Unwanted Sexual Touching Of Women In Buses, Banks And Other Public Places?


Sexual harassment in public places is an everyday experience that many women have had to deal with on their own, but it is really time for us all to take a stand and  challenge these acts.

This type  of harassment often happen on the streets,  in buses and other public places,  and it happens mostly in the form of  unwelcome sexual advances and physical contact.

The sad thing is that most times when this happen, people around do nothing to fight for the women, some will even try to downplay what happened by saying but at least he didn’t rape you!

No matter how people try to explain it away, this is sexual assault and there should be consequences for perpetrators.

Two days ago, a twitter user, @noniii_b shared her experience with a man who was watching pornography and was rubbing his dick on her in a public transport.

Although, she exposed him, she was asked to keep quiet by women in the bus.

She tweeted,

I feel so defiled and dirty rn, some men are such shameless creatures, i can’t even explain, just got down frm the bus where a man sitting

Next to me was using his penis to touch me continuously, didn’t know at first but he was just always moving close to be when i shift away

Thought it was his bag touching me then i saw him watching porn on his phone, i shifted again and pushed his bag then i saw his penis out

I started shouting at him, then he started cursing me and calling me a liar that he was going to beat me up, the other women on the bus

Were saying I shouldn’t shout about it that i should just ignore him WTF!! I’m here being violated and u want me to keep quiet?!

I just feel so annoyed and hurt, and that women would expect me to keep quiet when something like that is being done.

Just yesterday, another lady, @ Mizz_amaka_chinny shared on her Instagram page, how she was on a queue at a bank and she felt a man touching her with his dick.

Although she shifted away from him, this did not stop the man from moving close to her and he spilled semen on her legs.

She wrote,

I went to Diamond bank (Nnewi) today and went to their customer service to lay a complaint but the crowd at the spot was much so I stood in one of the queues there, there was this guy (via pix) behind me I noticed he was somehow resting on me so I moved a little and he moved with me, I noticed something suspicious so I looked back I saw him crossed both of his hands covered with a paper down his waist….

I kept mute and was busy with my phone I noticed something behind me again I turned and saw him with his hands at the same position so all of a sudden I felt something hot dripped on my leg to my outmost surprise it was a sperm I turned gat hold of him and gave him some hot slaps I know he has never received in his life before…. if not for the securities that intervene like seriously he won’t live to remember a day like this.




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1 Comment

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