Wives, Please Take Care Of Your Husbands



In the last couple of weeks, I’ve attended a number of end of year brunches, parties or meet-ups and one thing was common at almost all the events. I thought about it for a while and decided to write about it. Most of the women were gorgeously dressed, their make-up was out of this world as you can imagine, their jewelry and shoes kept blinking even when the moon was out.

The men on the other hand, didn’t quite match the extravaganza displayed by their wives. They had on just regular clothes which were not exceptional and a few shoes didn’t look polished. These men may earn more than their wives but it’s obvious who’s spending the cash. Besides the clothes and shoes, they looked older and much more strained than their wives.

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A few men looked like they were their wives’ fathers. This mismatch didn’t go down well with me. Even after sharing this with a few of my male friends, they laughed over it and said these men were working for their wives and kids besides future investments.

Please wives, lets:

Schedule Spa Sessions For Your Spouse – Many women have a visit to the spa every week or at least once a month. You feel so relaxed when you’re done with your facials, body scrub and pedicure. On the other hand, there are lots of men who have never walked through the doors of any spa. Next time you go, take your spouse along, let him get pampered and relaxed. Many times, they complain of having no time but if something is important you’ll make out time for it.

Follow Up On His Annual Physical Blood Work – Many women are now aware of how important trending their vitals is. You can no longer assume you are healthy and fit till the tests result come back from the lab. With an alarming increase in high blood pressure among younger men and women, its high time we kept a tab on our blood sugar, cholesterol, pap smears, mammogram, kidney and urine functions. When you go to the lab, take your spouse along and insist he does a test on his prostate in addition to the ones listed above that apply to him.

Plan A Regular Get Away With Him – Many times we complain there’s no time or no money to plan a weekend away but we are buying lace, gold and shoes instead of investing in your relationship. He’s always thinking of one investment opportunity of the other and thinks a week away in Cyprus might be a waste of cash. These times away should help you guys rest, relax, recharge and bond together. Many women travel on theirown and they are the ones looking relaxed and younger while the guys are lost in the hustle and bustle.

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle For Him – There are more women in the gym than men, more women are trying one diet or the other hoping to lose some weight but these are the same women stay up late to serve amalaand pounded yam to their spouses who return late from work at 10pm. While we strive for a flat belly, his display of a potbelly isn’t what we are proud of. Replace the drinks and alcohol with water and encourage him to start juicing. Buy him a pair of running shoes and start jogging together around the neighborhood. Many men are sleep deprived and sadly this has resulted in steep aging for them.

Pray For Him – When last did you pray for your spouse? Many times, we are praying for our business, our kids, our future but do we realize no one is really praying for him except you. Pray for your spouse to discover his purpose in life, pray for him to be a good husband and a good father, pray for his financial decisions. Pray for him to stay faithful in your relationship. Pray that when you discuss with him about these lifestyle changes mentioned in this article that he will agree to incorporatethem

Make Your Home A Haven – It’s great to have the latest decor in your home or the scented candles that never go off from dawn to dusk but wouldn’t it be great to have a home your spouse looks forward to coming back to daily. A joyful and peaceful home free of bitterness, anger and complaints. There’s no perfect home but what if we did all we could to make our home a haven? Many men complain they have hectic work schedules and unrealistic deadlines so they stay back at work very late. This may be true in a few cases but many of them may be waiting for the ‘sleeping dogs to lie’ before they get home, they also dont want to be involved in helping with the kids or house chores or would rather be in someone else’s arm who isn’t as bitter, judgmental and ungrateful.


It’s tough to do these if your relationship isn’t where you want it to be but living with an unhealthy, stressed and grumpy spouse will affect you emotionally. Please do all you can to take care of your spouse, if they could take care of themselves, they would not have married you. Don’t let it be too late before we realize how the ‘do-nothing’ approach can affect him and your relationship.


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