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12 Naija Women Tell Us One Lesson They Learnt From Their Parents’ Marriage


Children’s first exposure to what marriage is by watching how our their interact with each other. Good or bad, we learn a lot about marriage from our parents.

While some have good experiences and pray for their marriage to be like their parents’, some pray not to have their parents’ kind of marraiage

So, we asked 12 naija women what they learnt from their parent’s marriage and they had this to say:


I learnt never to abandon my source of livelihood because of the threat of a second wife.


I learnt that misunderstandings between I and my spouse should not affect our responsibility with each other like me cooking his food and him eating the food.


My parent’s marriage taught me to know God early so that things like fake prophecies, worldly pressure will not make me drift away.


I learnt not to tolerate or endure what will cause me pain. My mother tolerated a lot from my dad all in the name of being a submissive wife. He physically, verbally and emotionally abused her. Even before the kids.


I learnt that if the woman’s family is not in support of her marriage to a man and she goes ahead, she might regret ever venturing into such as the man may, in years to come, maltreat her and she would have no one to run to.


My parent’s marriage taught me that couples should support each other. It doesn’t matter who is richer, they should encourage and push each other to greatness.


My parent’s marriage taught me respect, humility, trust, perseverance and love. They also taught me how to give and I do that effortlessly.


The most important lesson I learnt is never to pay bills that is for the man. It is not wise at all.


I learnt that being open and transparent to your spouse strengthens your love.


Choosing your battles. Not everything is worth fighting for.


I learnt that when one is angry and talking, the other should be calm.


My parents’ marriage taught me to be a strong independent woman.

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1 Comment

1 Comment



    April 12, 2017 at 7:55 am

    Well said, especially the part about not paying bills meant for the man.

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