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9 Naija Women Tell Us What They Think Of Governor Ambode’s Plan To Ban Danfo Buses In Lagos


Earlier this month, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s government said it would banish yellow buses and motorcycles from Lagos roads this year –  because they do not befit the state as a mega city.

The plan is to replace them with a modern public transport.

We asked some naija women what they thought about the new initiative. Below are some responses


It is a good idea but the population in Lagos is too much. How many BRT buses does he want to bring to Lagos that will convey the people? It won’t be an easy one.


As a business woman, it won’t be convenient for me. When I go to the market to buy goods, sometimes, I chatter a yellow bus or keke, but is it possible to chatter a BRT bus? Also, there are some routes that these buses take that won’t be accessible to BRT buses. It will make things tough for us.


It is a good initiative because the daily harassment from the touts which affects the passengers many times will stop. However, there has to be an alternative job for these touts because if they don’t have any job doing, armed robbery will be on the increase.


Apart from the bikes that have been banned on high way, keke is the fastest of all transportation in Lagos because they know all the shortcuts to take which a BRT bus cannot take. For me, the idea is not reasonable.


Danfo still dey, BRT no reach. I was going to Obalende from berger on Tuesday morning. I felt BRT would be better but on getting to the BRT park, I had to go back and board the yellow bus, because the people waiting on the queue for the BRT were much, meanwhile, there was no BRT on ground.


For me o, I think it’s good if there would be a better alternative and enough BRT to go round without the regular long queue because it will be more secured. I personally don’t like okada. I love the BRT buses with AC.


Keke and okada are life savers. When you’re getting late for an event, you can easily board them. In fact, you can chatter a keke but you can’t do that for a BRT bus. You will even have to wait for the BRT bus to get filled up before they move. It’s just not fair.


It is a welcome idea but I am concerned for those whose source of livelihood will be taken away by this singular act.


It will affect business people. For yellow buses, spaces are created for your goods but BRT sometimes say they don’t want people with bags. Meanwhile, there are times you are on the queue, waiting for the BRT bus for hours, while the yellow bus is not like that.


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  1. Emmanuel Ocha Obiorah

    Emmanuel Ocha Obiorah

    February 17, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Hahahaha Messi the conductor, lagos still remain lagos bag or no bag.

  2. Chichi Oddz

    Chichi Oddz

    February 18, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Yellow bus is like a big deal in Lagos. For example in not even going far in an American movie even if it’s not shot in Nigeria and they put the yellow bus your head will just instantly think Lagos or oh Nigeria.

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