“Don’t Mistake Quantum Of Wealth With Quantum Of Affection” – Jumoke Adenowo


How much influence should money have when we are choosing our partners? For some women that is the first thing they look out for, no big pockets, no love. For others, it really doesn’t matter, love conquers all.

Nigerian architect, Speaker and Author,  Olajumoke Adenowo has an opinion on this, and one worthy of some thoughts.

On her Instagram page where she shared a video, she advised women not to mistaken money for affection. Read and watch below.

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How a guy spends his money should actually be an indicator of how he SHARES selflessly . Don't mistake QUANTUM of wealth with QUANTUM of AFFECTION . He just may have loads of money to SPARE – and if for any reason things change for him financially his true colour will emerge . Cherish the one who SHARES WHAT HE HAS WITH YOU . Little ( for now) or much . However – If you choose to AUCTION OFF your love – the buyer is not fooled HE/SHE also doubts your intentions – too many guys are wondering – would she love me if I didn't have XYZ ? 🤔That's why many relationships are not secure in their mutual love – it was PURCHASED ."His truuu!!" ( said in my best Patience J accent 🙈 ) #truelove #love #loveislove #loveispatient #love #money #moneymotivated #moneycantbuy . I stepped on toes again oooo 🙈🙈!! IG Fam what do YOU think ? Should I "continuuuu "?

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I respect the youth – perhaps you may be able to predict a 70 year Old's future ( PERHAPS – even that is in God's hands ) but a 15 year old , a 25 year old ? Hmmm !! ANYTHING can happen , they can reach ANY HEIGHT ! I am not "getting" girls in this message at all …these were actually just digressions 😉. I HEAR ( I don't know any ) that some men (or should I say "boys" because of the level of thinking ) want to marry a girl from a rich family. Focus on the PERSON, if even people CHANGE how much more ACCESSORIES like cars and houses ? Call yourself to a conference and ask yourself can I love him/her without this G Wagon, would I love her If she was from a poor family? If the answer is NO – leave him/her o because the unthinkable CAN HAPPEN ! Anything that is manifest in the physical realm can change and sometimes does change even OVERNIGHT! 2 Corinthians 4:18 . #love #truelove #purpose

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