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“Having Kids Gives You More Clarity And You Start To Focus On The Things That Really Matter” – Eku Edewor


53 Extra co-host, Eku Edewor is on the cover of Genevieve Magazine this month.

In the interview, Eku who has just welcomed a baby girl with her partner Chini Odogwu, talked about her motherhood, marriage and work.

On childbirth

It was a long delivery, the doctor said the first pregnancy usually takes longer. I was very open minded and I decided to do a natural birth where I wont take any pain killers, I even booked a birthing room that looks like a gymnastic room with a swing, pool, beanbag; it didn’t have a formal bed and I thought to myself that this is a nice experience.

When I had pre-labour pains,my mum suggested I just go to the hospital and see what the status was and in the U.K, they always say that mums are paranoid, you think its labour but its not really labour. I went and they checked and it wasn’t labour, the doctor told me as far as I can still talk, its not labour.

The next day in the evening, I started having labour pains and I said, this is the real deal, but I have a high tolerance for pains so I just held on. The next day I said to myself to just go to the hospital because the pain was intense, but then I decided, since I could still talk I wouldn’t go. At this point, I gave up on the room I booked and the natural birth because I was panicking. I just went straight to the labour ward and they told me I was in labour and asked why I didn’t come in earlier. My contractions were very strong and I was dealing with a lot of pain. They suggested giving me something for the pain and I agreed. I was in labour for two days but the last part went quickly, I didn’t struggle with it and she came out weighing 8 pounds.


On motherhood

Definitely, you become so aware of someone else’s life and how important you are especially as a mum. Babies just want to be loved unconditionally and loving someone so pure makes you feel really good, they make you feel like this is what happiness is. You look at her and she smiles at you, that is so simple. Having kids gives you more clarity and you start to focus on the things that really matter. Your perception changes, you focus so intensely, you become a lot more ambitious. You think, what can I do that is going to be impactful? You know its not all about you, that there is another person depending on you, it makes you slow down in a focused way.

Head over to Genevieve Magazine for the full interview

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