He Cheated On Her. Now She Wants To Know Why


The video of a woman, Kourtney who wanted to know why her ex-boyfriend, Leonard cheated on her has generated different reactions on twitter  and got the hashtag #hurtbae trending.

The video, which is about the exes talking about how infidelity impacted their relationship has been retweeted over 130,000 thousand times.

The video showed Kourtney asking Leaonard how many times he cheated on her and he said he wasn’t counting.

Recalling the activities of the past, Kourtney said, “One time I went to his room and he had someone else in his room and he told me to leave and I went back to my room and cried.”

Watch the video below;

18 women share their thoughts on the video


#hurtbae is a lesson. If you are not serious don’t get started. Don’t awaken a woman’s heart if you have no intentions to love her right.


We’ve all been #HurtBae at one point in our life. Someone hurts you deeply but you still in love w/ them.


I’ve been #hurtbae before. It’s all a blessing in disguise cause it teaches you self love n self worth. Now I would walk out on that BS


I wouldn’t wish heartbreak on my worst enemy. it destroys ur outlook on love b/c u invested time into someone who was never down #HurtBae


#HurtBae is a perfect example of what it feels like to give somebody your all who doesn’t deserve it. . Wouldn’t wish that hurt on anyone.


watching #hurtbae i felt her pain in my chest all over again i hope nobody experiences that type of pain in life


people keep slandering #HurtBae but that’s how it be when you completely lose yourself in somebody else. it blinds you. cripples you.


#HurtBae is a strong woman because when he said ” I wasn’t counting” he would’ve been counting his blessings right then and there


#hurtbae handled that confrontation very well. Resolution and closure is so important . It’s all in how you say things


I was #hurtbae a few months ago. hurts when someone can have no emotion towards your heart or your tears. now I’m a free soul. felling good.


I’m sorry but #hurtbae was too calm in that video. Let someone play with me and make me look stupid. I will come for your life


Watching her tell him he’s her best friend AFTER he said he cheated countless times hurt my soul. #hurtbae


You know what….i respect the way homegirl handled that #HurtBae situation but… I know me. I would have handled that way different.


We’ve normalized horrid behaviors. #hurtbae


I was #hurtbae before and I felt her EXACT emotions. Love blinds you sometimes and it’s easier than you think it is to become blind.


At least #Hurtbae got a chance to confront him. Most of us end relationships not knowing why dude did whatever he did.


Damn #hurtbae video just took me back to my early 20s… I felt he was my best friend too …but oh how we both have grown


Honestly I couldn’t confront mine like #hurtbae ….I wouldn’t be so calm lo









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