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“The Period When I Had Fibroids Totally Ruined My Life” – Kemi Adetiba


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Award winning multi-talented Film maker, Kemi Adetiba is on the cover of TW Magazine this month.

In the interview, Kemi talks about her personal life, work and her future plans. She also spoke about her struggles with fibroids.

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On her struggles with fibroid she said;

The period when I had fibroids totally ruined my life. It got to a point that, gradually, my periods were lasting the entire month. It started off with my periods being super heavy, I wont even leave the house for two weeks after they start. Then, maybe, I’d walk out or something and I’d go into this crippling pain. It’s almost like you have trapped gas but it’s not. I couldn’t stand upright.

My brother took me to the hospital and while we were waiting to see the doctor, I needed to throw up, so I went to the bathroom. I threw up and all of it was bubbles and, ofcourse, bile. Five minutes after, I was fine; so I figured, maybe, it was just trapped gas.

A couple of years later. My brother and I were about to go for a ‘drinks run,’ where you would join a party and go to multiple hotels and have drinks and socialise. He had bought the ticket. So, I had worked out just before, to burn up all the calories I was going to get. Then, that pain, that I was very used to started coming. By that point in time, I could manage it. I knew that if I slept for about an hour it would be gone by the time I woke up.

I woke an hour later, feeling better.,so I called my brother to meet up with him.

By the time I walked into the hotel where he was, I couldn’t stand straight. I went directly into the bathroom and it felt like something was going to come out from my mouth and from the other, but nothing was coming out.

The cab ride back to my house was like the longest ride in my life. I thought I was going to die. As soon as I got to my apartment, I fell on the floor and crawled to my bedroom. I felt hot, I felt cold. I just wanted the maximum comfort.

The next day, it took me to NYU, where my brother says they did a buffet of tests. They told me they could only see a few fibroids but that shouldn’t be the thing.

That was the first time I heard fibroids. They gave me morphine. It dulled the pain, then they told me to get some drugs and that, maybe, it was just gas and then they sent me home. All this while, I couldn’t eat anything because it would come back up and by the fourth day, my mum was ready to get on a plane. I hadnt been able to drink water in four days.

Leading up to the surgery, they had to put me on false menopause, thus, I was having hot flushes and wearing adult diapers for my periods and they’d only last for 10-15 minutes. I had already given up on everything. I was lethargic and stopped caring about anything. I looked horrible, I had gained so much weight. I didn’t care. I had also had many embarrassing moments.

Recently, a friend in a similar situation called to ask me about the surgery and I told her that it is the best decision she can make.

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