Why Many Nigerian Women Are Embracing Wigs And Shunning Salons


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With great improvements in the quality and styles of wigs, many Nigerian women are chosing to wear wigs like never before.

Some of the trending wigs are Invisible Lace Closure Wig Braids, Million Twisted Wig Braids and Straight Human Hair Wigs, Million Braids Wig, Full Bouncy Human Hair, Full Curls Wig, Lace Wig, Peruvian Lace Wig, Wig Candy Hair, Lace Wig with waves etc.

With these wigs readily available, many women stay away from salons for different reasons.

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For a young lady, Bola, “Wigs are life savers. There are times I don’t know what hairstyle to make and I just use my wig.”

Another young lady, Lola said, “I don’t like making my hair. You can go to your wig anytime but if you must make your hair and there’s no outing, it becomes rough and you are forced to make another one.”

Although, these wigs are expensive depending on the style, length and quality, many prefer it as it can last for a number of years.

Lola said, “the price of making your hair monthly cannot be compared to the amount you get a wig. A wig might be expensive but you can use it for a long time.”

Also with wigs, you don’t have to spend so much time like you will if you go to the salon. To make a million braids will take many hours, but to wear a million braids wig will take less than a minute!

Meanwhile, for some ladies, since the economic recession in the country started, they had resorted to using wigs while others go to the length of learning how to make it themselves.

“The last time I did braids, I spent 5k. And that is for a month. Thank God for YouTube, I make my wigs myself. I buy the materials and I make it. There is no money to waste,” Lilian said.

For Gbemi, the joy of having to pour water on her scalp eeveryday when she takes her wig off is unquantifiable. “Thank God for wigs. It affords me the opportunity to pour water on my scalp and you can’t do so with your full hair”

Although, the demand for wigs has one way affected the patronage of salons, hairdressers are also stepping up their game in making these wigs in large quantities to meet the demands of their customers.

A hairdresser, Iya Bola said, “ women don’t come to make their hair like before again. What they do now is buy a wig and that’s it. So, instead of waiting for customers that may not show up, I make wigs to sell.”


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