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6 Naija Women Tell Us The Embarrassing Things Their Mums Did To Them Growing Up


They are drama queens, but we still love them like that!

It is mother’s day and we asked some naija women the embarrassing things their mums did to them growing up! Trust us, everyone had something to say.


A guy saw me home one day from school, unfortunately for him, my mum was home and was outside the compound. The guy tried to sneak off but my mum saw him and called him back. After answering some questions, my mum asked him never to come to our house again. She told my dad that I already have a boyfriend and came to my school the next day to report me to my class teacher in front of my class mates. I nearly died of embarrassment.


Growing up, my siblings and I took turn washing dishes. I wasn’t tall enough but I always stood on a stool. The dishes were supposed to have been washed the night before but because I loved to sleep. I woke up the next morning to do it still sleepy. While washing, I broke four expensive plates. When my mum saw it, she beat me so much that I pretended to faint. When I saw she would not stop, I jumped up.


My mother one day walked to where I sat in the middle of a church programme and slapped me all because she thought I wasn’t praying.


My mum shaved my hair because a girl who was her informant on our street told her she saw a guy with me. Although it was nothing serious, my mum cut my hair the next day and said she would see how boys would like me.


My mum turned my 18th birthday party to a bible study class. She started preaching to all my friends who came.


I wrote a letter to a boy when I was still very young. My mum saw the letter and she made me tell her who the boy was, even asked me to take her to the boy’s house while she beat me. It was really embarrassing.



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1 Comment

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