An Interview With Dr Dedun Oluwo – A Doctorpreneur Who Started Four Businesses While In Medical School


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Oluwo Adedunmola is a 24-year-old Medical Doctor and Entreprenuer, aka Doctorpreneur, who managed four businesses while in medical school at the University of Dumbrecen, Hungary without having to repeat any course in school.

She runs Dedun’s Cakes, a four-year-old cake and pastry company; Hair by Dedun, a six-year-old hair styling business; DedunCooks, a six-year-old Nigerian food catering business and Belle Artistry by Dedun, a new-beauty focused business she started earlier this year.

In an interview with Sola Abe for, Adedunmola talks about the challenges of her businesses while in medical school and her interest in still practising as a medical doctor.

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What inspired you to start these businesses?

The possibility to earn extra cash for stipends but afterwards, the passion for business made me start the other three businesses.

As an entrepreneur with four businesses, how were you able to juggle school and business demands together?

By having a weekly plan for both. I created time for school and studying and also for businesses. I sacrificed some play and sleep time too.

Was there any time you felt like dropping one or two businesses to concentrate on the others?

Not necessarily to concentrate on others but I once considered dropping my second business (Dedun’s cakes) to focus more on school and the first business (Hair By Dedun)

How did your family take the news of you being an entrepreneur as a student?

It wasn’t a big deal. They saw it coming since everyone in my family has one or more business (es) and they only advised I don’t let it affect my grades.

Medicine is not an easy course, so also is running a successful business. How did you excel at both ends even as a one-man team?

They were all home businesses since I was a student and couldn’t afford getting a store. It was definitely hectic running it alone at home but it helped that most of my clients were students so they understood the times I gave and also the times I was unavailable because of school. Aside from this, time management and planning gave me the excellent results I wanted.

What is your long-term plan for your business?

To be fully established and running excellently well in different parts of the country.

Would you still want to practice as a medical doctor?

Yes definitely. I love the fact that I have the power to make a change in Nigeria’s health sector. I can only build on that power by entering and working in Nigeria’s health system.

Tell us a major challenge you faced in doing all of these?

The painful lessons I had with time. I had to mandatorily learn how to manage my time very well to be productive in everything.

Saving from the proceeds of your business for your masters is inspiring. How do you feel about it?

It was a proud moment for me to tell my mum “don’t worry, I got this”

What advice do you have for undergraduate women who want to have businesses while studying?

First off, don’t start a business if your grades are suffering, work on those. If you are good to go and believe you can handle both, make sure you learn how to maximize your time and be ready to take risks and make sacrifices for the sake of both school and business.

I have a Student Business series on my blog that can be of use to any student thinking of starting a business.


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