How I Started My Business

How I Started My Business: Seun Sangoleye, Founder Of Baby Grubz – A Company That Makes Nutritious And Fresh Homemade Baby Food


Seun Sangoleye is the CEO and Mom-In-Chief at Baby Grubz Nigeria, a company that makes nutritious and fresh homemade baby food for children from 4 months to 5 years. She has 5 years’ experience in manufacturing and packing of infant meals.

In an interview with, she tells us how she started her business.

From Having An Idea To Starting Your Business, Please Share Your Journey With Us

I have always been a foodie and kitchen pro. My passion for baby food and nutrition was stirred when I had my son and I was clueless about where to get reliable homemade foods for him. As a trained computer scientist with years of hands-on engineering experience, I decided to start a baby food catering service which was specifically translating the advice of nutritionists and pediatricians into yummy meals for babies; hence the tag line, ‘special chef to adorable little customers’. We diversified into packaged meals since August 2015.

Why Do You Love What You Do? There Are So Many Other Businesses You Could Have Explored, Why This?

Cooking and food comes to me naturally and I love children. I’ve been a children’s ministry teacher for almost 15 years. It just seems like a perfect fit for me.

As A Small Business Owner, You Can’t Do Everything, What Has Been Your Experience Hiring Staff And Building Your Team?

Hiring good staff seemed like a herculean task at the beginning but I have been able, through God’s help to recruit the right people and we work effectively in harmony. For our current recruitment however, we have outsourced our recruitment to a reputable HR firm.

Your Greatest Skill/Strengths That Have Been Particularly Been Of Help In Starting And Running Your Business

I am one of those people who see something done once and then get a hang of it immediately. This skill helped me pick up a number of useful skills in my past employments as I have picked up valuable life skills. Chief of which includes, listening skills, people management skills, negotiation skills and critical thinking skills.

Did You Have To Get A Formal Training Or Qualification To Be Able To Do This?

Yes, I got a formal training and qualifications on programming and feeding for infant and young children and also how to create high energy recipes that are necessary for growth of infants.

You Have Been Running Your Business For Some Time Now, What Do You Know Now That You Wished You Had Known Before You Started?

It would be effective networking for success and how to work smarter and not harder.

Any Life Experience That Has Particularly Prepared You Directly Or Indirectly For What You Do Now?

Every experience in our journey in life is a lesson to prepare us for the future and as such I know that all my experiences have prepared me in advance for this.

Change Can Bring Out A Part Of Us We Never Knew Existed, What New Things Have You Discovered About Yourself In The Course Of Starting And Running Your Business?

I never knew about my resilience and fighting spirit. Being an entrepreneur has shown me how to transfer my stubbornness into can-do-it ness. It has also given me an insight into how to help others see the best in them and helping them harnesses their strengths and become their best self.

What Do You Think Are The Most Essential Skills For Women Entrepreneurs Especially In Nigeria?

Most essential skills for women in Nigeria…this is so broad but one thing I have learnt is that listening to your customer is critical. Feedback will help you improve so you need to create an environment everyone especially your staff can approach you with helpful suggestions on moving forward.


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