Motherhood Is Not For The Faint Of Heart…


It’s amazing that some women would like to be mums but not mothers. We like the picture of the cute little girls in red polka dot dresses and red hair ribbons with their gorgeous smiles but we don’t want to do the dirty work of getting them ready. We want our babies healthy but we refuse the option of sagged breasts. We want our kids excelling at school but we refuse to supervise their homework.

Motherhood is a calling and a marathon of sorts. You wake up every day to continue where you left off and even at the end of the next day, there will still be work left undone. Our role as mothers can’t be delegated. We either do the dirty work or delegate to others and accept whatever the outcome is. We all can’t wait till our kids are mature and responsible, but till then, let’s get down and get busy.

After waiting for nine years for a baby, like a new shoe or bag, the excitement wore off before her first birthday. I was so exhausted and bored, I didn’t know when I had paid for her to begin crèche five days a week and for extended hours. I couldn’t wait to drop her off. My little baby had become so hyperactive, I had lost my peace and quiet I once cherished before she was here.

Then my eyes became teary when I said goodbye to her at crèche. Her first day at school was the worst day of my life. I couldn’t concentrate at work as I thought about my bundle of joy caressed and cared for by complete strangers. My heart was torn between working part-time to spend more time with her and leaving her at crèche from 7am – 7pm to focus on my high-flying career.

Six years later, I’m still learning the art of parenting, no one size fits all as every child is unique. You never know if what you are doing is right as you are constantly comparing your kids to your friends’. Motherhood is so demanding and exhausting yet rewarding. From dawn to dusk, the kids expect so much from you, they keep drawing from you – strength, grace, wisdom.

Motherhood is service. Like a waiter in a restaurant, you can’t close your restaurant till your last client is done. From picking up dirty socks, to reading bedtime stories, nursing bruised knees and sitting beside a hospital bed, mothers are servants. Something in us doesn’t feel right till we’ve done all we could. Whether you’re a single mother or a grandmother, well done for all you do and continue to do for the next generation of kids.



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