Yetunde Olasiyan: 5 Bad Behaviours Every 20-Something Nigerian Need To Stop Right Now!


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The 20s is a very important period in the life of everyone. This stage of life grooms you for proper ‘adulting’. It sets the tone for how you live the remaining years of your life. The values you imbibe or fail to imbibe in your 20s would either make or mar you. The serious life lessons you should take into account at this stage are very crucial to the entire success of your life.

Here are some of the bad habits you need to stop while in your 20s


The Entitlement Mentality

Nobody owes you in this life. Not even your father and mother or siblings. You are totally responsible for who or what you eventually become.

It is bad for you at this stage to think an uncle in a blue-chip company or an aunt in America owes you a good job and a visa respectively. It is bad to still think your parents should be responsible for you financially (except they offer) or otherwise just because they are your parents. Even though, they have slaved for many years to see you through school.

It is wrong to cling to your siblings and refuse to say thank you for any little help they render because you feel it is your right to get something from them. This is very prudish. This is unacceptable behaviour for a young adult in 2017.

Learn how to survive on your own, learn how to struggle. Learn how to appreciate the day of little beginnings, learn how to be grateful for little acts of kindness from your family. Learn how not to take the family for granted, learn how to stop depending on uncles and aunties who won’t get you a job in Shell. It’s useless for you to get bitter against them because of this. Grow up.


Making Commitments to the Opposite Sex which you would never honour

A lot of young people make the greatest mistakes of their life in what they call ‘sampling’ in their 20s. They engage in relationships with two to three persons at a time knowing they aren’t ready for commitment. Some engage even in one but only with false promises. By the time they eventually get ready and hook up with a woman later, they end up with troubles from the past which threatens their present happiness in form of an angry ex, a love interest from the past who has refused to go away or sometimes a child out of wedlock. Look before you leap. Life isn’t always in black and white. Sowing your wild oats here and there means stabbing your future inch by inch. Receive some sense!!!


Pride and Arrogance

A lot of young people are full of arrogance these days. They walk into an interview session with false airs, false swags and their trouser suit slightly sagged. They believe a rich cousin who has promised them a job elsewhere and so, they walk in with this full air of arrogance and pride in their gait. They answer every question with a fake accent. Stop being rude to strangers. Stop flaunting your certificates over the place. Stop displaying your brazen childishness over the place. Really, it sucks. A lot. Almost pitiful.


Stop depending on your certificate

Get a skill. Your certificate will give you a platform to show yourself but only your skill will set you apart. So, apart from your certificate, which is now a dime a dozen anyway, get a good skill, be good at it and watch the world fall at your feet. Your skill will bring food to your table when the certificate fails. Enough of young people who don’t know any other thing apart from what they went to school to study. Its a dangerous habit in 2017 to be stuck with only your certificate. How do you want to break even?


Looking for shortcuts without paying the price

Your 20s is a period to learn and unlearn. It’s a time to sit down and pay the price so that you can enjoy life later. Going after the best car just to show off when you can’t afford to fuel it except occasionally is foolishness. Instead of looking for money doubling games in other to fast-track your success, why not go through the ropes? When you take a shortcut in life, you are still likely to meet that delay you avoided in your future. It’s wise to learn patience now.

If you remove some of these bad habits while in your 20s, your 30s and 40s would be a time of reaping a great harvest of patience, of good dreams and a better future.


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