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5 Office Design Tips For Startups


Every year, thousands of bold entrepreneurs venture into the business world with startups of all kind. Not only have these startups revived economies, they have simply revolutionized the world. But most CEOs will tell you that success never comes easy, especially when it comes to designing an office layout.

Workspace strategists insist that a conducive and comfortable work environment is a major factor that boosts productivity. In designing an office for a startup, the entrepreneur must consider important factors like lighting, furniture, color, layout etc. Much office designing can be daunting; it can also be exciting and stimulating.

To lighten the load, read on to see the list of five office design tips for startups.

1.    Flexible Layout

Every startup must strive to impress their investors and clients with a humming headquarters that promises creativity and productivity. This makes it important to choose a space that is flexible in layout. You might want a traditional horizontal office now, but when office design trends change, you might want an oval one. Choose an office space that has a flexible layout so that you can redesign your workspace to suit the needs of the business, the clients, the investors and your team members.

2.    Get Enough Space

Before the designer maps out the layout, ensure that you have the right amount of space. Perhaps you are planning to have an open office space or to use old fashioned cubicles. It is very important that the work environment is large enough to fit in workstations, lounge areas, and other spaces.

An expertise in space management and utilization can come in handy. You can do some research or you can hire an expert. This will help you optimally maximize the available space.\

Adequate space gives key players the opportunity to experience the company’s culture. While most meetings may be virtually conducted, startups may benefit from private spaces. Mapping out separate areas for serious meetings and conferences are advised. This will give the business that all important air of professionalism it deserves.

3.    Well-Designed, High Quality Furniture

Good quality furniture plays more than one role in an office space. Not only do they serve as workstations or meeting supports, they also give the office an organized and professional look.

A good quality office desk can sit computers, electronic devices, stationary etc. They can also hide wires underneath them. This will prevent hazards such as workers tripping over cables and crashing onto floors or tables. Again, height adjustment desks are also great for standing meetings. Great boardroom tables also give your startup the respect it deserves. Strategists insist that such meetings are likely to be productive and successful.

Experts encourage serious businesses to Invest in ergonomic chairs when designing office space. This is because they boost workers’ productivity and reduce health problems. Of course, you have to choose the kind of furniture that suits the company’s culture, vision, and mission.\

4.    Store Rooms and Neatness

Most startups think of storage after everything else has been decided. This is a bad move. Storage is one of the most important aspects of any business. Much as there are paperless cloud storage options, a physical storage is indispensable. When designing your office space, you must choose the right place to store physical materials. Selecting the appropriate furniture can help you effectively manage the space available for storage.

Neatness is one advantage of a good store. When you have all your supplies tidied up and neatly stacked in your store, your startup is certain to retain the air of professionalism it needs. It is one of those design elements that can help shore up the company’s image and employee’s productivity.

5.    Lighting and Ventilation

Lighting and ventilation not only add to the beauty of the work environment, they also say a lot about the company’s values. Proper lighting and ventilation prevent health risks for team members, clients and investors.

When designing an office space, you should ensure that the designer chooses the best lighting and ventilations that communicate the right message. Proper lighting and air circulation improves the mood and boosts productivity.


Writer’s Bio: Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes creative non-fiction and prose fiction. Her works have appeared in Romance Meets Life, Flash Fiction Press, MTLS, Saraba Magazine, Sentinel Magazine and others. Her first novel is  Finding Love Again. She owns and manages creativewritingnews.net

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