Titilayo Medunoye Is Helping Nigerian Mothers Lactate Better With Her Special Cookies, Teas And Other Products


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The desire to help new mums who found it difficult to lactate after delivering their adorable ones made Titilayo Medunoye become a lactation consultant.

Having gone through the same experience which led to depression, Titilayo decided to proffer solutions to new mums who are faced with such challenges; hence, she founded Milky Express.

In this interview with Sola Abe, the mother of one shares everything about Milky Express and their products.

About milky express

Milky Express is a company dedicated to the welfare of nursing mums. We pride ourselves in the following;

  • Consultation with nursing mums on all things lactation.
  • Advisory on suitable lactation products. e.g. breast pump
  • Production of lactation enhancing goods
  • Counseling mothers going through postpartum depression

The experience that inspired this initiative

The good book says that all things work together for good….. And that is how Milky Express was birthed. Like every newlywed, I looked for to being pregnant, having a beautiful baby and being a great mum. I thank God that all this happened but the process was not how I had imagined it to be.

I had somewhat of a difficult pregnancy, a dramatic delivery of a beautiful baby girl (Oluwalani) and what became one of the most shocking and frustrating moments of my life. I never knew people had problems breast feeding. I had always imagined it would be seamless process as it is the first duty of a new mum. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!

I did not lactate for about 3 months after my baby was born. I tried everything in the book; pap, tea, etc, no solutions. I cried many times, was so depressed and even felt unfit to be a mum simply because I could breast feed my child.

Finally, I was able to meet with a lactation consultant in the US and things began to turn around. I was finally able to breastfeed my daughter and did so till she was 2 years old. This inspired my quest to be a lactation specialist and to offer similar solutions to Nigerian women facing the same challenges.

About the lactation cookies

Our lactation cookie is one of the many products we offer. But at the moment, it is our star product because it tastes so yummy. It serves as a healthy alternative for new mums as well as help to increase the quality and quantity of milk produced.

How the cookies work to help lactation

The cookies have certain ingredients that help to increase your milk supply, some of which are coconut oil, oatmeal, flaxseed etc.

How much mothers have to eat for effectiveness

We advise mothers to take 3 cookies per day although it may need to be increased depending on where a mother is in her breastfeeding journey. I must say that it has been very difficult for our nursing mums to comply with this because the cookies are really good.. lool!

Does it have an effect on weight gain?

Our cookies are made with healthy ingredients thus hardly any effect on weight gain. We also advise our nursing mums to keep to the daily ration.

Mothers’ feedback on the cookies

It’s been fantastic and beyond what I expected to be honest. I get messages daily from nursing mothers asking for more because the positive impact on their breastfeeding ability has been incredible

Anything else nursing mothers should know about it

Oh, a whole lot actually but I would like to stress that what is expected in breastfeeding is not always so. Just the way people are of different heights and shape people will have different experiences. Some are really good and some are really bad and we are readily available to help you navigate through this special time and ensure that you have an amazing experience.


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