An Open Letter To Marvis Nkpornwi


Dear Marvis,

I missed your entry into the house, and after a few minutes of watching the first live show, I had kinda written it off. When I got back from work on the first Monday, I watched for a while and then I was sure that it was not going to be my cup of tea. But, my lazy self decided to continue watching because trying to find a decent alternative on a Monday afternoon can be all sorts of depressing. Anyway, when I finally decided to concentrate on the show, I saw you. Didn’t know your name then – I’m terrible with names, takes a while with pretty much everyone, so don’t feel bad – I just saw something different in you. I couldn’t understand a word you were saying at that point (honestly, I needed SOME translations right up to the last day. Learnt some Pidgin along the way though, I feel I might be able to hold my own, maybe) but I felt that you were the ONE.

Throughout the entire season, people have asked me, “Why Marvis?” I could never answer because I couldn’t put my finger on it. But I think I have figured it out. You stayed true to yourself in a setting that would drive most people to conformity, stayed strong in situations that would break the average Joe, your smile never faded, your confidence never faltered and your loyalty was unmatched.

LOL being a silent yet die hard member of the #MarvSquad was not easy. We had to defend you constantly – yes, some people wanted you to be their version of real, crazy, I know. Then it was the constant eating, as they put it, the laziness (guess they were always busy when you were cooking or cleaning) and the chewing of lips (like they don’t have bad habits, as if being on TV would shield you from said habits. Yet they want you to be “real”) oh and how can I forget the alcohol, legendary!!! Eventually, I stopped letting it all get to me. Try as you may, you cannot make everyone happy, we all have our faults, and that’s what makes us us.

I have watched reality shows and the likes, chose my favs and moved on when the show ended. For the first time, I have felt a connection like no other. It’s as though I had to see you so I could be the best me possible. Many people call me uptight and I am because I am obsessed with making people proud and not disappointing anyone. Then I watch the free-spirited Marvis Nkpornwi and I realise that by trying to attain a perfect image, I am missing out on life. I mean, the only thing I feel comfortable doing is getting tattoos, at least they speak the words I am too afraid to utter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be like you. I am just grateful that you were able, by being unapologetically you, to help me discover the real me. you gave true meaning to the phrase, “if I cannot change it, I will not lose sleep over it.”

So, to you Princess Marvis Nkpornwi, I say thank you. Thank you for making me feel compelled to watch Big Brother Naija consistently until the very last minute (hell I even watched the dark screen with the M-Net logo for a while, perhaps hoping that I would see your face one last time), for making me feel the need to force people to vote for you even when they had no interest in the show, the Marfe moments, the smiles, the laughter, the annoying card games and for being the Truth!

As I’m typing this, I have decided I’m going to go in search of the best eba and pepper soup Joburg has to offer. Na beg I dey beg (see, I’m learning :’D) never allow the world to alter the gem that you are and I hope you won’t disappear like some Big Brother alumni. Please don’t. I mean it. Make the fights I had with my family over the remote worth it. They missed their beloved soapies because I wanted to see you. It was never, “Why aren’t you watching BBN?” It was always, “Why aren’t you watching Marvis?” Your random craziness will be missed, LOL. Who’s going to scream “Biiiiiiiig Braaaaaadaaaaaa” now??? Oh gosh.

Okay, before I bore the hell out of you, I wish you all the best in your endeavours and may you continue to light up lives. Peace, love and happiness to you and yours.



TeamMarvis SA



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