Celebrity Women React To BBN And Sponsors Continued Association With Kemen After Disqualifying Him For Sexually Molesting TBoss



Although, the Big Brother Naija show is over with the housemates on tours in different parts of the country, many are not satisfied that one of the housemates, Kemen, who was disqualified from the show was getting the same privileges as the others.

Kemen had sexually assaulted Tboss, a female housemate and was disqualifeid from the show because of this. But it is surprising to see that in spite of being disqualified, the show organisers and sponsors still keep celebrating him as he is on interview rounds and events with other contestants including Tboss who he assaulted.

Recently, Tboss’s sister tweeted on how Kemen shouldn’t be allowed around her sister but Kemen replied that she can do whatever she wants about it.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, comedian AY, during his show asked people to forgive Kemen and understand that ‘Konji’ could be bad as it was what led Kemen to do what he did to Tboss. He said this with Tboss right there as he celebrates Kemen.

Many think this is rude and downplaying a sensitive issue as rape.

 Tboss’s sister tweeted,

People ask me what I feel about TBoss around Kemen that question should be addressed to the higher powers. My feelings are …..

In a society where saying sorry is enough for most. You get disqualified and still have the same benefits as those that respected the game

What are we teaching our kids? Sorry does not make things right. It does not change the mind frame of the offender.

This is why we don’t move forward as humans. We keep accepting mistakes with no consequence

Lord help us all.

If we ourselves don’t change how do we expect change from our society? There is good and evil in everyone but I choose good. Simple as that

As kids in school, if we did something bad we would be asked to sit on the wall or punished. As adults who punishes us?

Take my words and misinterpret them. The truth is you will read them and feel them. You be your own judge.

It’s only normal the reaction of ignorant people. Call it stealing fame, I call it educating your ass. One way or the other you would learn

Don’t blame me because most of you are afraid to speak up. You think it but yet when the crowd shouts you join in.


@ritaUdominic tweeted,

It is not rational to say that sexual misconduct or abuse of any kind is normal behaviour. We should not tolerate this school of thought

To be enlightened means “having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook” on life.


@bolanleolukanni tweeted,

I’m puzzled at the women who keep saying stop talking bout the Kemen & Tboss issue. It’s not an “issue”

Kemen sexually violated Tboss. He did something that in any other country he would have already been arrested for !!!

As women there should be more solidarity. Rape Culture is the grounds that Rape continues to thrive.

I can’t for the life of me understand what AY was talking about saying he didn’t kill someone . Does he know what Kemens actions have done.

If we perpetuate this notion that sexual violators should not be punished people will think that the act is not as severe as it really is.

Abuse is NOT a JOKE! It’s not something you just get over.It’s emotionally and psychologically damaging.And people have to understand that.

If we say men will be men, we are saying men are animals with no self control & I don’t think that true! So grow some balls & be a real MAN


@AdesuaEtomi tweeted,

Someone Needs To Check On Tboss To Make Sure She’s Actually Ok. She Smiles…Yes. …But Is She Ok? Is Her Mind Ok? Is Her Heart Ok?

This Mentality Is Part Of Nigeria’s Problem. So If She Won 25m, Being Sexually Assaulted Would Have Been Moved To The Back Burner

It really breaks my heart. How did we become so dead in our souls?

What We Are All Forgetting Is That This Isn’t A Tboss Vs Kemen War. It Is A War Against Something Bigger Than Both Of Them


@GbemiOO tweeted

God will judge all of you that support sexual molestation/assault – yes both men and women.

The other housemates should take a stand and refuse to be in pictures or attend events with him at least for now .


@OsaGZ tweeted

I’d like to know why the organizers of BBNaija and sponsors still associated with Kemen after disqualifying him.

Two things we don’t take seriously in Nigeria: 1. Mental Health. 2. Assault/Rape.


@Lakintobi tweeted

When organizations and celebrated personalities are backing a proven sexual predator, where and how do we start to change mindsets?

Evidence of him touching someone without her consent was on TV, seen by millions. I’m disappointed that this is still under debate.

Don’t come in my mentions defending that guy. I will block you. Keep it to yourself so we can avoid the unpleasantness


@DamiElebe tweeted

A lot of you also lack the understanding which is why this assault is fine. Okay he didn’t rape her but he touched a sleeping woman.

The best that could be done is return Kemen to his former life before big brother. Let him go and continue his life away from the fame.

Away from the limelight, away from the perks of being a rule abiding contestant. Payporte should not associate themselves with him.

And Tboss might be signed to a contract but she needs to put her foot down on going to places as Kemen’s equal “brand wise”

If she and her family cannot understand that she is important to these brands enough to force their hand to disassociate with Kemen. Iono.

She’s a star. She’s on of the stars. She can even walk out of an event where they are joking about it and shut the place down. Stop shaming victims.


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1 Comment

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