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Top 5 Hair Twists That Are Perfect For Independent Women


Whether you’re walking down the aisle, going for a promotion interview or crashing a party, the ultimate hair style for beautiful independent women is the twists. Not only are do twists rock, they protect your hair from harsh weather while giving you that great look.

When it comes to hair styles, twists are in a class of their own.  Each lock has character and funk. Want a hair style that beautifies as well as emboldens you? Take advantage the ever fashionablehair braids. Rock them as creatively as you can. Another reason to wear twists us that it allows you to experiment with highlights irrespective of yourhair texture. You can style with pins, ribbons and whatever works for you. Because that’s what independent women do.

Due to the hair revivals of the 90’s, there are over one hundred different kinds of twists. Yes, there are. In fact, there are 40 different types of Havana twistsalone. And each hair twist is unique and amazingly gorgeous in its own way depending on the shape of the wearer’s head.

Choosing my top five hair twistsfor independent women was not an easy feat. From Viking-inspired twists to Fulani mattings to the neck-turning Havana twists, choosing the perfect hair style can be quite a challenge.

Here is the ultimate top five Hair twists you can rock in every weather for a wide range of events.

1.      Havana Twists:

Havana twists are one of the most gorgeous hairstyles in the world. Whether you’re donning the Havana Hair Bob or the popular Havana twist bun, you’re certain to look fabulous and chick.

Havana twist hairstyles are so versatile, there are different ways of pulling them off. Basically, the length of the hair tufts are twisted like ropes. Havana twists are famous for being hip and protecting the tresses.

With over forty gorgeous styles to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas. What a great way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful at the same time.

Whether you work in the banking industry or the fashion world, there is a Havana twist best suited for you. Why not go through the 40 different Havana twist styles and pick what works for you.

2.      One-Million Braid Twists

If you’re a bride-to-be who doesn’t want synthetic extension to ruin her hair, then you can totally rock your one million braid twists down the aisle.  This particular hairstyle is timeless and unique for many reasons.

The twists are thinner and neater. And if you want twists that allow room for creativity, this is your best bet. You can style it in a beautiful bun or hot-tong its ends.

Some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen feature bold brides donning stunning one thousand twist braids in a bun. You should consider wearing one. One thing is certain, your tiara will sit perfectly on the twists without ruining the hair style.

It is also a great hair style for work environments. It’s neat, lovely style gives you that professional look you want to exude.

3.      Senegalese Twists

When it comes to amazing hairstyles, check out what the Senegalese have to offer. From the depths of diverse West Africa, Senegalese hairstylists have revolutionized the Hair World with its dazzling styles.

With over 20 gorgeous hairstyles to choose from, there is something for both the conservative and radical woman. Whatever your school of thought, you can find a Senegalese twist that suits your face.

Want to take a break from styling solutions that involve heat and chemicals, consider getting a protective hairdo. The Senegalese twist is perfect for protecting your hair. From the pompadour twist updo to the twist cornrows half updo, Senegalese twists are gorgeous and suitable for work, parties, and even school.

4.      Fulani Braids With Twists

The Fulani inner weaving has a history of popularity in Africa. You find people wearing these protective hair styles in pretty much every big African city. There are a variety of Fulani dos. At least twenty of them. From the single shuku to the banana cuts, the Fulani hair styles have that neck turning effect on passersby.

What’s more? The hairstyle is perfect for women who are trying to prevent hair breakages in the front part of the hair. It’s also one of those styles that help you grow your hair quicker. It is painless and requires less time to make compared to other types.

The best part of the Fulani braids is its ability to infuse your face with youthfulness. I like to look young and youthful. If you do, then Fulani braids with twists are for you.

5.      Crochet Hair Twists

The government name for crochet hair twists is ‘the latch hook braids’. This name is derived from the unique protective way these twists are installed.

They made their appearance in 2015 and have remained a hit with fashionistas ever since. Much as they are easy to install, they are simple and comfortable. There is an endless list of options. New crochet twists and twist-outs are pumped into the market. There are also a variety of styles and colors. It’s impossible to run out of options.

Are they perfect for work? Of course. Crochet hair twists tend to last much longer than other hairstyles. And unlike weave-ons, they don’t make you look older. Being the strong independent woman that you are, you want a hairdo that takes less time and makes you look trendy.You’ll never regret a crochet twist. All it requires is weaving your natural hair into cornrows, and then looping the extension through the cornrows using a crochet hook.

The simple process results in a flawless hairstyle that permits you to look gorgeous while your natural hair rests and breathes.



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