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8 Naija Women Share The Worst Date They Have Ever Been On


First impression matters, so we all try to put on our best behaviours and expect the same from the person we are having a date with. But, what happens when something goes wrong?

8 Naija women tell us their worst date experience.


I went with a guy to the cinema and he was pricing the movie and drinks.


I went out to a restaurant with a guy and he was staring at the ass of every lady that passed by our table. I was so annoyed that I left him there.


I wish I didn’t go on this date. This guy suddenly ran under our table because he didn’t want someone to see him. He made it so obvious that people in the restaurant focused on us.


My date was pricing sharwama and he was even arguing with the waitress that he bought it N200 the previous day. It was so embarrassing that I stylishly walked away from him.


You know, when you go out with people who feel they cannot be cheated and are hell bent on collecting their change. So, I went out with this guy and he created a scene because of N70 change. He had been given N50 but was remaining N20 and the waiter told him there was no N20 change.

He shouted so much that people gathered at our table and were asking one another for N20 because he was just disturbing the restaurant.



I was having a running stomach that day. I had taken some drugs and felt relieved. Meanwhile, I had a date that day. I could have called to cancel but I thought I was fine. Moreover, I had bragged and told my roommate not to cook my dinner. Twenty minutes after I got to the restaurant with my date, I went to the toilet.

As we started eating, I felt like farting. Instead of me to excuse myself, I sat down there thinking it was going to be those silent kind of fart, unfortunately, the fart came out loud and smelling. It was so bad that my dress was stained with faeces. Don’t even ask me how the rest of the day went. It was so embarrassing that I wished the ground could open up and swallow me.


I went on a date with this guy and all through the time, he was staring at people in the restaurant. He said he felt people were looking at him. I was so pissed but didn’t want to walk out on him. I just prayed that the date ended quickly. Then when we were leaving, he said he hoped to see me again. In my mind I was like, never!


My date started insulting the waiter because he was slow. I asked him to calm down and he ordered me to keep quiet else he would slap me. Till we parted that day, I sat as still as a rat covered in hot water.

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