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A Review Of Ufuomaee’s New Book – The Church Girl


Written by Ufuomaee, the book, The Church Girl looked like every other book until I opened, read and meditated on it.

As interesting as the story is, for me it more than the story well told but the lessons that boldly stared at me as they are intertwined in God’s words. It reminds me of the power of forgiveness and also that life can give second chances, no matter how far away we think we have gone from God.

From being an orphan at a tender age to being saddled with the responsibility of taking care of three siblings, entrapped in a sinful relationship with her pastor and finding love in a player,  the lead character Mary overcame her challenges and become who God wanted her to be

The Church Girl is for anybody who thinks they have made ‘too many mistakes’ to be forgiven by God and have a better chance at life, it is also serves as a  caution to people who are fast to give up on others. The book really proves that there is indeed redemption in God.

The Church Girl also answers the questions of infidelity in marriage.

Is it possible for a man who cheated on his wife to be totally forgiven and enjoy his marriage like nothing ever happened?

You need to read this book to know.


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