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Busola Ariyo Shares How Depression Played A Part In Her Weight Loss Journey


For some, losing weight was more than just wanting to be smaller or looking cute. At some point, many are fighting for their own sanity.

Busola Ariyo speaks on the impact of wanting to lose weight and how it led her to be depressed.

How she battled with self-esteem issues, binge eating, and fat-shaming.

She said,

A few weeks ago, I shared a little part of my old diary from when I was very young on my Instagram page, it’s interesting to see how long I’ve actually been wanting to lose weight for and a number of emotions that have generated from that over the years.

Back then I was tired. Growing up, I was always the fat friend, the fat sister, I was the lazy one, I was overweight. I grew up overweight. I’ve been obese my whole life. So, it was tough for me, there were too many things I kept to myself because I felt nobody understood the emotions I was feeling at the time.

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So, last year summer, I was in Nigeria for the holidays and I found my diary from when I was 11 years old and I was going through it and I was reading the content of the diary of an 11 years old girl and it was sad. Thinking back, it was like ‘oh wow, Busola, did you really feel this way at that age?’

And this is why I wanted to tie it into my weight loss journey. My weight loss journey officially kicked in 2016 January. Prior to then, I would say, 2015 summer was my defining moment.

I’m Nigerian but a lot of Nigerians tend to water down the issue of depression and mental health and we honestly don’t take it seriously and this is something that if I ever had the chance or the opportunity to talk to people about how important mental health is, I would definitely do so because this is something that has affected me on my own journey, and I see how it played a part in my weight loss journey.




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1 Comment

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