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Blessing Igbe Ejechi Shares What It Was Like To Have And Lose A Son With Congenital Heart Disease And What Mothers Should Do To Avoid It



Blessing Igbe Ejechi is one strong woman turning her pain of losing to child to a purpose that helps other women. Blessing who once had a baby with a congenital heart disease has seen it necessary to advise women who are planning to have a baby on what to do to avoid it.

She had her baby in October 2015 and upon diagnosis, the child was discovered to have a forehearth problem.

Blessing Igbe Ejechi says if you want to have a healthy baby, you should do these things;

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*Her experience with her son, who had a heart disease*

Talking about my son, it was not a very good experience that I had with him while we were managing him for that 16 months. All those times, the child doesn’t sleep well, I’m always carrying him in my arms, he can’t sit down because of his heart condition, he can’t crawl. He wasn’t even growing well.

Before he died, he was looking like three weeks or one-month-old baby. Even now that the child is gone, the stress that I went through piled up and is now having an effect on me.

It started with me having balanced disorder, from there, I began to experience, depersonalisation which later resulted in depression, mental stress, anxiety, and emotional stress. A lot of things that my brain cannot process because the problem was too much in my head.

At a point, you would think someone is troubling me or it is a spiritual attack.

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