Mizwanneka Has A Word For Women Who Are Not Working Because They Think Their Husbands Are Rich Enough To Take Care Of Them


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Hair entrepreneur, Miz Wanneka has a word for women who think their husbands are rich enough to take care of them, and so do not need to work.

In an Instagram post, Miz Wanneka explains that there is nothing as amazing as a wife being supportive of her husband no matter how small it is.

She encouraged women who are business inclined to start a business today or get something doing instead of being idle.

She wrote,

Dear Aunty wife/ girlfriend sitting down in the house forming “I can’t work o ” my husband has enough money to take care of me and even the kids forever. wehdone ma.

You have seen us the working class /business class na , that our own husbands cannot even provide 1 meal a day. plz can ur generous husband help me too??? If I have not gotten this as DM , I have gotten it at least 14 times from different women .

one particular one said, wanneka I no fit , I don’t think I can evencope with business , chasing people up and down for money or to buy, I’ll rather just stay and avoid trouble, it’s not like my husband is not trying for me and the kids. hmmmmm Aunty president of housewives association, me am not understanding wat ur saying o

Another message said … my own husband will never even allow me to work, he feels I’ll start misbehaving if I start making money. So leme just respect myself ..hmmm Aunty u say what???

Again one said ..me I have even tried to run a saloon, but everything packed up, so Abeg leme just attend to the kids, hubby is trying, atleast he has a good job hahahahahaha I laugh u.

Look, ister, if I decide never to sell hair or do any other business again, my husband will take fantastic care of me and my kids. that’s 120% sure . My business failed severally , I could have decided to say Abeg I no do again jare. after all, I was just a fresh young wife, pregnant for her first child then, but no, I kept pushing and pushing

I had my days turned into months when no one ever asked me how much be closure, talk more of buy, those days I became tired of even opening the store, those days I’ll walk up to every young lady/girl I see and try to sell my market, and they still won’t buy, the ones that will manage will owe me credit for another month, some will pay with fight sef or tell u wen it’s time to pay that either the hair tangled, not wat they wanted or was shedding.

I had those days , and giving up would have been sooo easy, cause the road was clear for me to give up. infact I had every right to give up and Oga Willy will still provide me with watever I want .

But listen up my darls, We are not working or doing business because our husbands cannot take care of us, we are working because it’s something we have to do.

Idleness causes part of the issues we have in our relationships/marriages. Trust me, if as a woman you get something to do for urself, to occupy ur self, you will avoid a lot of things that will cause issues, because u were probably busy with business at the time hubby would have finished ur life if he dares set eyes on you.

Because you were able to help him wen he was broke, because you contributed to stocking up the house even before hubby will bring money for the month, because ur truly a helper not just a woman . Because you saved hubby the disgrace of borrowing money from his friend when he needed it and didn’t have, because you have money to also buy him gifts not always just collecting.

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What point am I trying to make , don’t ever think your husband has enough for u and the kids, so for that you will not work. Dont ever think you have tried and it didn’t work out, so for that, you want to jejely respect urself and sit at home. plz my darl , keep trying till you make it work.

Do not Give up. If you haven’t started, start !!!! If you don’t have money to start, and you atleast have the phone ur using to read this, use it, do research. Look for what you love to do, start displaying pictures and creating awareness that u sell such product or offer such services. 1 person will surly be ur first client . And it’ begins like
that till you become a big brand … so plz START

Do not forget , your husband can take care of u and the kids , wat about ur family? Or do u think is every man that will give his wife and kids luxury life that can also give to her family.

If hubby is rich enough to wash away ur sins with money , okay do it for ur mother, father , brothers or sisters. let’s even say ur family is also rich enough, okay my darl do it for the younger ones who will be inspired by you. Do it to help the needy and the street kids and the unemployed youth.


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