Mother Defends Video That Shows Her 11-Month-Old Baby Floating In A Pool



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A Switzerland-based Nigerian mother of two, Amaka Benson schooled people criticizing her about the video of her 11-months old baby swimming and floating in a pool.

She explained that her daughter had started swimming since she was 4-months old and floating since she was 9-months old.

The video sparked debate after she posted it on her instagram page, while some believe a baby should be taught how to swim at an early age, others said it is not right to leave a baby that young floating.

She replied them in an  instagram post saying,

Swimming is a vital life skill – do not underestimate the importance!
For a family like mine that travels and always around water, it’s important that my kids are able to swim from a young age. Eli mama has been swimming since she was 4 months and she’s been floating since she was 9 months.

I love their approach to swimming in Geneva. In London with Micah, we were consistent with swimming classes but we spent more time singing than actually swimming. Our first lesson in Geneva, they made it clear – no singing here! They teach your babies swimming as a life skill and then from age 21/2 – 3 they start to learn the different techniques.

My first time in the pool, I squealed – the water is COLD bruh, no heated pool here, but I love it, throw Eliana into any pool and she’s
able to float for a very, very long time.

She has her float test next week and she’s off to the next level! Can I just say how amazing Micah and Eli’s instructors are – Micah is such a great swimmer now, maybe they will let me record him soon.

My Eli mama..the face you make when people are so “concerned” about
your swimming video – stop being dramatic people, it’s laughable a few things to clarify though: 

1. A lot of people “concerned” about Eli swimming and how it’s dangerous, first of all, swimming is a vital life skill and I’m both proud and thankful my kids can swim at such early ages. Eli has been swimming for more than half her life literally. There is no danger in swimming with experienced coaches. The real danger is your child not knowing how to swim/float – do your research on fatal, unintentional drowning – it happens to babies, toddlers, kids and even adults! 

2. Just in case you need a reminder, babies are natural swimmers, where did they spend 9 months?!

3. These instructors have trained for years especially for this approach to swimming – The Swiss don’t play! Eli’s instructor has been doing this for over 20 years! You can’t even be a hair stylist without proper certification in Switzerland not to talk of being a swim coach for babies!!

4. It might not be the norm in other parts of the world but it is here! 

5. My kids have never missed swimming class – they are calm and confident in the water. 

6. Why are people so scared of water, you pass on the same fear of your kids and the cycle continues.

7. The most important and really only relevant point. these are my children. Please make the best decision for Your child/children while I do the same for mine.


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