Opeyemi Aiyeola Shares Her Opinion On Religion As Positively Influenced By Late Moji Olaiya



Late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya was born a Christian and practised Christianity until her conversion to Islam in 2014. After her conversion many people criticised her decision, and when she died some weeks ago, some people started talking about it again.

Defending her friend and colleague’s conversion, Opeyemi Aiyeola explained that nobody has the right to condemn Moji Olaiya for her religion. In a Facebook video she talked about  her opinion on religion.

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She said, 

I was born into christianity and I practiced christianity. I have never practiced another religion but I am open to all religion. As a Christian, it is our right and duty to respect everybody’s religion no matter what religion they decided to practise.

Who are we to say that Islam is not the best religion, who are we to say Christianity is not the best religion? Who are we to condemn anybody?

It depends on the kind of God you serve. We may be practising the same religion but not serve the same god. I have come to realise in this Christian race that we serve different gods.

The God I serve is big enough to fight his own battles. He does not need a man to help him fight his battles. When I see terrorist attacks, christians attacking muslims, religious leaders attacking one another, I wonder what kind of God they are serving.

Is it the God that is so small, that is little that needs a man to fight his battle for him?

If God does not want anything, he knows how to destroy it, he knows how to make it go away. But not on earth will I believe that God has created me to fight his own battle for him.

When I see pastors on the pulpit trying to fight God’s battle for him, trying to impose religion on people, even Jesus Christ said it himself, you only go and preach to people, you don’t go converting people. It is the Holyspirit that has that mission to do. You are just a vessel, so why go on the pulpit and start tarnishing another person’s religion.

The reason I will never fight about religion or tell you your religion is bad is because God told me that his ways are not my ways, so, sometimes when we are thinking for God, he has told me, I cannot understand him.

He does not think the way I think. He is not a human being. A lot of religious leaders put God in the position of man.

He doesn’t think like me and that is why bad people sleep and they wake up, good people sleep and they don’t wake up. We are not God, we can’t understand his ways. That is why he decided to take Moji Olaiya at this time.

Whether it is a spiritual attack or whatever attack, he has allowed it. A lot of people have been attacked and they lived through it. We are mourning Moji Olaiya at this time, so, who are you christian to say Islam is bad or who are you muslim to say Christianity is bad.

Now, this is my take on religion, God knows the beginning from the end. He knew Abraham was going to go in with his slave and give birth to Ishmael. He knew Islam was going to come. Some people say the Muslims are from Ishmael and they are not the children of promise.

Now, this is why everything is turning upside down and in chaos, apart from the end time, because people have decided to put God in the place of man. They’re beginning to fight for God.

When somebody decides to convert into Islam or christianity, it is not your take to condemn them. The moment you condemn anybody, you are condemned already, so why is it that pastors go on the pulpit and they condemn Islam. Why do islamic leaders go on the pulpit and condemn Christianity?


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