“Sometimes, You See Three Men, Sometimes Four In A Day. I Was So Ashamed” -17-Year Old Victim Of Human Trafficking Tells Her Story


There have been several reports on how young Nigerian women are trafficked abroad, especially Italy after being promised a better life.

A 17-year old girl, Joy, was trafficked to Italy for prostitution after being tricked with the promise of a job. Joy was rescued by an organization that helps victims of trafficking

She tells her story to Al Jazeera Media Network,

I know we are poor but not to the extent of standing on the road half-naked. I was praying, “God, just help me. This is not the life I want for myself.

She told me (her trafficker) I was going to help her as a stylist. She said my life would be a better one if I get here. When I got there, she told me that I was here to be a prostitute so that I can pay her the money she used in bringing me to Ital.

I wish I knew, I would have stayed back in my country. I wouldn’t have risked my life through that journey for prostitution.

Sometimes, you see three men. Sometimes four in a day. I was so ashamed.

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