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We Are Thoroughly Alarmed By Chika Opara’s Comparison Of Foodstuff Prices In 2015 And 2017


It is no longer news that Nigeria is in recession, however, it becomes news when the prices of goods keep changing everytime we go to the market.

A Twitter user, Chika Opara made a comparison of the prices of products from what it used to be 2015 to what it is now in 2017.

Using the Mile 3 market in Port Harcourt City as a case study, Chika noted that the prices of goods have increased alarmingly.

She tweeted,

I would like to do a thread on the price changes #beforeandnow for foodstuffs in Nigeria. Between 2015 and today. Source: #Mile3marketphc

I would like to start from the biggest goods to the smallest. My demography would be average Nigerian citizens.

Let’s start with Rice, 2015 it was sold for 8500 for a bag, now the price is 19k. Cooking gas was sold for 3200 now 5500

A basin of garri was sold for 1200, it is now sold for 6500. A custard bucket of Crayfish was sold 1200, it now goes for 4500

A custard rubber of beans was sold for 700, it now goes for 1100. The price of onion has remained stable.

One 5kg liter of vegetable oil was sold for 1800 – 2000, it is now 3500. Indomie super pack went for 1500 to 1800, the cost is now 3000.

Morning fresh liquid soap was sold for 300, you can get it now for 450 – 500,  Golden morn medium size was sold for 300, it goes for 500.

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Cowbell sachet milk was sold for 2000 for a carton, it is now sold for 5500, milo sachet carton was sold for 3500, it is now 9500.

A carton of chicken was sold for 6500, we bought at 13000, peak choco sachet carton went for 4500, it is now 7500.

A tin of Titus sardine was sold for 120, is now 250, a piece of ice fish big size was sold for 300, it goes for 800.

We bought a roll of close up toothpaste (10pcs) for 1200, 1200 is the price for 5pcs now.

You remember the dustbin bags that was sold for 200, it is now 400. Sweet corn was sold for 200, it is 350.

Tin tomato that was bought for 25 is sold for 45. You know the white small waterproof bag used in selling stuff for you still goes for 50.

But you have to double the bag because the quality is now…. Let’s go to a crate of eggs, it was sold for 600, shey it is now 1200.

A cup of Ogbono was sold for 30it’s now 800. A cup of Egusi was sold for 100, it now goes for 150

A packet of Crayfish Maggie cubes was sold for 300, brothers and sisters it’s now 700. Black soap was 100, it’s still 100 but smaller.

Harpic was 400, I am glad to report that it’s 900 with the small Dettol bottle attached to it. Always was 150-200, it’s now 350.

Salt was 100, it’s now 150. Cow head (full) was sold for 7500, honey it is 22k. Spaghetti was sold for 1000 (10pcs) cost for 10pcs is 1900.

1 custard rubber of wheat was sold for 450, baby it is now 800. Grinding is now 150.

I am glad to report that the price of pepper has been stable except Onitsha pepper.

For my Keto people, you know Jago mayonnaise was not even known until Keto, we bought it for 450 now it is 1100 (medium size).

Stockfish is for the rich people now, we just buy the ears for the taste, not for luxury anymore.

My dear hubby is not that I can’t manage the money, I don’t know where to begin. But I still love you.

The end

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