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Omabelle Shares 6 Period Hacks Every Woman Should Know




Menstruation is an important part of a woman’s life. While some have it easy, some don’t and wish it would not come, but if it doesn’t come, that is another story. Vlogger Omabelle in her new video shares 6 tips for a pain-free menstruation

Here are some of them,

1.     To ease period cramps, drink hot green tea with lemon.

2.     To stop a heavy period, stop any sugary food/drink one week before your date.

3.     Sleep in an elevated position to ease cramps and lay by your sides to prevent a leak.

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4.     To prevent cuts and tightness on your inner thighs while on your period, use a sanitary pant.

5.     Always have an emergency period kit at hand towards the week of your period.

6.     To stop breast tenderness, eat lower fat diet and wear well-fitted bras.



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