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We Are Truly Inspired By How Random Acts Of Kindness From Strangers Have Changed Adenike Oyetunde’s Life



If you follow radio personality, Adenike Oyetunde on social media, you will be familiar with the positivity and the joy that oozes from her. Never for once would you think she has a disability.

Diagnosed with the cancer of the bone at 20 and having one of the limbs cut off, Adenike has since moved on from being a victim to a survivor who is helping other amputees have a positive outlook on life.

In an interview with Adesuwa Onyenokwe on “Seriously Speaking,” Adenike talks more about her journey from being a patient to a survivor.

She also talked on how people who were not family helped her and showed her kindness.

In all of this, she confessed she was never suicidal.

She said,

My journey has equally taught me that family isn’t blood and in my 11 years, I have seen family not blood. Random people or seemingly so, or people who just picked up my story and developed a special interest in me.

‘oh, she’s an only child, let’s show her care and love. These individuals have sewn different seeds in me. Some have been outright inappropriate, but a majority of it is that I’ve literally had to sit to see things by myself. I walked this journey by myself because I knew that there was more. I knew that my life wouldn’t end at 20. I had seen a picture of my life. I had grown grey on my head, so, I knew I had to fight this journey.

Interestingly enough, I met Cobhams and I had totally forgot i gave him a call. so, he reminds me to say, ‘I’ve been looking for him were his exact words,’ that I called him once and you told me that you had to amputate your limb and your question was, ‘what is life as a person with a disability mean?’ I totally forgot that I gave him a call.

So, I decided there had to be people in Nigeria. I had never seen an amputee before my story. I never even understood what cancer meant  but I started to go out of my way and reach out to people.


On being kind to people with disabilities

Kindness is a state of mind. Kindness, need not primarily be dependent on what you have in your pocket. Kindness is you seeing me and from your heart, I genuinely know that you are concerned that I’m with crutches and you smile and say sorry. I know, I feel it genuinely, so until we can be kind to the people around us… kindness brought me here.

Human kindness, I met someone last week and she said, oh my God, you are the one we are praying for in Unilag and I hugged her. I had no idea that my classmates in the university went around raising funds. So, there was no reason  why I shouldn’t have fought for the next day, there were people hoping and waiting for me.

Watch the three part interview below

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tomisin Ibi Omotoso

    Tomisin Ibi Omotoso

    May 15, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Always happy. I remember meeting her early dis year. Such a pleasant pretty lady

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