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​Help! I’m Married To A Traditional Man!


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It’s been nine months since our lavish wedding in Dubai and I’m yet to recover from the shock that I’m married to a traditional guy. While we were going out for a year, I was clueless the read about his values. I feel stuck, am I the only going through this, how did Ithe red flags and end up here.

Many ladies plan their wedding but I didn’t. He said he did want to stress me and he got the wedding planner, his mom and himself made all the arrangements while I was invisible in the background. I struggled to smile on my wedding day as I felt like a guest at my own wedding. I assumed that because his family is wealthy, they were outsourcing every bit of the wedding so we wouldn’t be stressed but looking back, I was under some demanding and controlling leadership.

It’s been six months of working as a slave in my own home. He doesn’t want a nanny, cook or driver so I’m constantly exhausted at the end of the day with an endless list of house chores that must be done. He doesn’t eat frozen casseroles so I’m cooking from the scratch for our daily meals. I must present all the receipts for shopping, fuel, phone bills etc. He comes back from work and is watching the news or football while I’m running up and down the stairs doing one thing or the other.

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His dishes are left on the table while I take them to the kitchen, he’s never made a cup of tea, let alone polished his shoes. He leaves his socks and shoes just anywhere and I have to put them away in the rack.I’m really scared about what will happen when the kids are here. Just found out that I’m expecting our first baby but I’m not allowed to share the news with friends or family till a  month to delivery. I miss eating out together at all the restaurants he took me to before we walked down the aisle. We don’t do anything together. I feel more like a nanny than a wife.

Our honeymoon was on a cruise ship, we always almost had our meals on the room service,

I had almost no contact with anyone else, we didn’t take full advantage of the trip as I was always in one of the rooms while he was in the other always on a conference call or following up on one business deal or the other. What sort of honeymoon was that I would have preferred to remain at home.He convinced me not to work after we got married as the stress was too much and that he could provide all I needed. Yes, I have all I need and much more but I miss my friends at work and just having my space, time alone and earning my own cash. Are other ladies enduring this? How did I short-change myself to accept something I’m no longer proud of? Everyone thinks we are a great couple and how fortunate I must be to be married to this wealthy guy but its’ been a nightmare I’m yet to awake from. It would have been better to be single and lonely than married and depressed.



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