​Sending Your Child To An Expensive School Is No Longer Enough!


Half a century ago, almost every parent desired that their children got a basic education. For those who could afford to pay for a college education, their kids were privileged to have this opportunity.

Others who struggled to get a diploma or high school certificate have risen through the ranks to make the most of life in such a challenging world.

With little or no government funding for quality education, the independent and private schools are  demanding almost an arm and a leg for an education that is almost irrelevant in an ever-changing  world. After spending so much on a very pricey education for your kids, you might be surprised to  find out that they are not ready for the real world. So, sending your child to an expensive school is no longer enough. As parents, we need to ensure that we are not preparing them for the future but preparing them for the future.

Train your children to be well mannered. An intelligent child who is neither polite nor patient may be unable to keep a job. Intelligence may get you to the top but only character and integrity will keep you there. Teach your kids to have a grateful heart, to respect and tolerate others and remain humble even if they are gifted.

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Tell your kids early enough that life is tough. Don’t let them be shocked when things don’t go as planned and suffer from depression. Every parent is working hard to give their children the best but we are gradually raising a generation of lazy kids who feel they deserve everything. They would need resilience for a tough world out there, they need to learn how to manage crisis and failures.

Give your kids opportunities to learn soft skills like negotiation, tolerance, communication, team work, leadership, compromise, empathy and conflict resolution. In a world where everyone seems to be in a race against time looking out for themselves, tell your kids that life isn’t all about them, we need each other.

We assume our kids will go through the normal route of going to primary school, high school and college before getting a job but after they are done they are unable to get a job because we didn’t take time to discover their talents. Let expose our kids to much more than what is offered within the four walls of the school. We don’t know what their purpose in life is. If they have the intellect to learn another language, a musical instrument or a sport or a craft, explore all opportunities, stop at nothing to ensure your child excels at something.

Expose them to mentors and people who will influence them positively. If you can afford a holiday overseas, go ahead. Our kids are learning every day, we don’t know what will inspire them to fulfil their purpose on earth. Don’t isolate them at home so they watch TV, surf the internet and play games all day, let’s be intentional as we raise our children.

Last but not the least, give your children a godly foundation. With more parents unavailable to spend quality time with their kids, many children have no fear of God and think they can do anything. Our kids need to realise that we don’t own ourselves, God owns us as He expects us to be responsible and we should always remember we will give account one day so they can’t just wake up and do anything even if it has become the new normal in our society.

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1 Comment

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    Mba Ngozi

    June 10, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Tell them

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