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11 Naija Women Share Tips That Will Make Cooking Easy With A Great Difference In Taste



Cooking is not something that all women enjoy. While it is a pleasure for some, some see it as hard work.

So, we asked some Naija women to share tips that will make cooking easier with a great difference in the taste.

11 Naija women share cooking tips that will make you enjoy cooking and reduce your struggles.


Add some ginger to your tomato for stew…add some chopped onions to your Okro soup 2 minutes before you remove it from the heat…enough nutmeg in jollof rice to have that party Jollof taste… add scent leaf to goat meat stew as well as salt to your groundnut oil before frying the onion.


Add little lemon juice to rice to make it non-sticky. No matter how soft the rice is, it will never stick till you finish it. Adding ground ginger and garlic to beans gives it a wow taste and aroma.


Add salt to the water for boiling egg. It helps in the easy removal of the egg shell after cooking. Some people use detergent but salt is better. Sprinkling salt inside the water that is used to wash unripe plantain before peeling also helps prevents the sticky feeling when peeling.

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Instead of sun drying unripe plantain before grinding it into flour, slice it into your blender, add a little water and blend, then turn it inside your pot and stir till it’s thick. Add a little water and let it simmer and your plantain flour is ready.


Frying white onions, garlic, and ginger make scrambled eggs taste better. Blending tomatoes/onions/crayfish before frying makes a tasty stew. Adding Cameroon pepper to meat before boiling is a good garnishing trick. Using tomatoes in vegetable soup in the absence of okro is top class.


You know how egusi soup is, so, if you forget to warm your egusi early in the morning, just slice enough onions on it. Slicing onions inside soured egusi soup reduce the sour smell.


If you want to make yam sauce, fry onions, and dry fish before putting the tomato and pepper. The fried dried fish is an amazing seasoning. You can also fry fresh ginger and garlic in oil before frying your tomato paste, then pour in your pepper and tomato mixture.


Frying onions in oil together with ginger and garlic with salt, maggi, curry and thyme makes your fried rice taste heaven on earth. For white rice, add little vegetable oil and some sliced onions.

Boiling your pepper before frying it with onions, ginger and garlic gives it a different taste and makes the stew thicker.


For your fried rice to look shiny, fry with butter. Always fry the onion in your oil, it gives it a nice aroma. Never use 2 different seasoning for any cooking. Boiled green plantain with fried sauce taste good and it’s very healthy. You can cut over-riped plantain in your beans, it gives it a good taste. Marinate your meat, fish, turkey overnight, before frying.


Add crayfish or chopped fish to your beans paste when preparing akara, the taste is heavenly. You can also add a fresh egg to your ogi before making it into pap, it enriches the pap, gives it a different flavor. Also, add some slice of bread on your burnt food and cover for some mins, it reduces the burnt smell to the bearest minimum.

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