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8 Naija Women Tell Us If They Can Propose To Their Men


So, we asked some Naija women if they can propose to their man.

Here are their responses.


No. I’m a feminist who likes old traditions. It’s traditional for a man to propose. It has always been like that. Most women are only dating to marry.


I think a woman proposing to her man means he doesn’t/wasn’t ready to marry her. I can’t propose to my man.


I can’t because whenever we argue, he might throw it in my face that I asked him to marry me. So, I can’t belittle myself by proposing to a man.

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Never. I would rather try to make him propose by all means and if I fail, that means he’s not mine. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to marry you if you do all that.


Asking a guy out is acceptable but proposing to him is a no-no for me.


I really don’t see anything wrong with it. I just would not get on my knee. If you wait for a man to do something, you’ll be waiting forever.


I applaud any woman who can do that but it can’t be me.


I can do it. Times are changing and everybody deserves their means of happiness.

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