Should Brides Still Expect Wedding Gifts From Friends Who Bought Their Aso-ebi?



“My asoebi is out o,” has now become the new invitation card to any Nigerian Owanbe.

For every Nigerian Owanbe, especially a wedding ceremony, the presence of aso-ebi is felt!

Aso-ebi, according to its name, is a cloth for family members but now extends to friends who would like to wear one and can afford it, so as to show support and look uniformed, which makes the party colorful.

However, buying an aso-ebi now costs so much that one may end up spending over N30, 000 to buy and sew the fabric, which is asides the money that will be used to purchase accessories to match the outfit.

Some even go as far as borrowing so that they don’t feel left out or denied food and souvenirs.

The price of these fabrics, however, is a source of concern to some who now attend weddings almost every Saturdays.

For Lade, she has stopped buying aso-ebi because it disturbs some other life goals.

“Aso-ebi is an unnecessary nonsense. If I keep buying for at least 12 weddings in a year, how can I achieve my goals when I spend half of my salary on aso-ebi? I, definitely have other functions aside aso-ebi. I have stopped buying because I have not worn all the ones I have.”

Precious thinks aso-ebi should be scrapped as some people now exploit their friends who buy it.

“This aso-ebi life is not for me. A lot of women now use it to make extra cash for their wedding. The aso-ebi thing is now going out of hand. Some people sell aso-ebi for wedding, burial, graduation, introduction and even birthdays.”

Anita says she only buys aso-ebi from people who are extremely close to her.

“One day, I sat down and made a calculation of fabrics I buy plus the sewing and I knew I could not continue that way. I have since stopped buying aso-ebi from people outside my clique. Some people now vex if you don’t buy their aso-ebi but I don’t care.”

Iya Moji, a fabric seller thinks there are less expensive clothes that can be bought instead of scrapping aso-ebi entirely.

“How do people in the fabric business survive when there is no aso-ebi? If one can afford it, no big deal. Besides, we can do nice Ankara fabric which isnt as expensive as lace fabric.”

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For some, making the cloth affordable is the way to go. They explained that scrapping aso-ebi would affect so many things.

Yinka said,

“I can’t say that aso-ebi should be scrapped because of people in the cloth industry as it will affect them greatly. I’ll just ask people to keep it simple and resonable.”

For Bolaji,

“We all know aso-ebi adds color to any Owanbe. I’ll just say that it should be made affordable. Meanwhile, buying every aso-ebi is not a must. Women like buying aso-ebi even when it’s not a must. It’s important to know our limits.”

Doyin prefers color codes as she may have a number of such colours
already in her wardrobe.

“Colour code is better than spending money everytime you have a wedding. With color code, people won’t have to break the bank to attend your party.”

Interestingly, as beautiful and colourful aso-ebi makes a party looks, one of its shortcomings is that couples (especially in the case of a wedding) do not get gifts as it used to be before the days of aso-ebi.

Tolulope explained that one of the reasons couples don’t get gifts is because their family and friends have used the money meant for gifts to buy their aso-ebi.

“Aso-ebi should be scrapped because people won’t buy gifts for the couple as they have used the money for their aso-ebi.”

Omolade said,

“For me, the rule is, if I buy your aso-ebi, then I’m not buying you gift. Simple.”

For Oluwaseun,

“If I have the money for a gift, I don’t mind buying for the couple but normally, I don’t buy gifts if I buy aso-ebi.”

Yewande explained, “Gift? I can’t o because I believe couples know that

“Gift? I can’t o because I believe couples know that the aso-ebi is in exchange for gifts. Moreover, couples don’t distribute tangible souvenirs even after buying their expensive aso-ebi. So, I don’t give gifts to couples I already bought their aso-ebi.”

Gbeminiyi however, has her ways with aso-ebi and gifts.

“If the aso-ebi is too expensive and I have to attend the wedding, I wear an English cloth or any other cloth that matches the couple’s color to the wedding while I give them gift. If the cloth is not too expensive, I buy it and still give a gift.”

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