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Behind Chigul’s Success And Smiles Is This Amazing Story Of Strength Through The Pains Of Death, Marital Troubles And Rejection By People She Loved



Chioma Omeruah, popularly known as Chigul is a Nigerian comedianne, singer, and actress who is known for her accents and comedic characters.

In this episode of King Women, she opens up about the the story of her life. From academic struggles to finding her path and to the death of her father, which was shortly followed by a difficult marriage.

This episode comes with heartbreaking tales, and at the same time, great inspiration.

Read some excerpts below.

On her relationship with her mom

My mom and I….clash of the Titans…all the time, we clashed over everything. But I’ve put her in a place where before she talks now, she’ll say, “My friend, can I say something?” Then I’ll say, “Ehn, yes, you can.” And that’s the day I’m feeling it. The day, I’m not feeling it, I’ll look at her or she’ll say something and say, “Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t have.” And I’ll say to myself, you know you shouldn’t because if you say one, I’ll say two, three, four, up to ten. And that’s just how it’s been forever.

My mom and I quarreled over my grades, we quarrelled over the fact that my relationships…, we quarrelled over when I had to go through my marriage…. One time I resented her for so long, I never told anyone. I think it was just not too long that I finally came around.

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I used to resent her because I felt like I was going through a tough time in my marriage and she was just telling me “Go back to your husband,” and everybody was asking me to go back to my husband. And I was like, “is anybody asking me what is going on with me? And how I feel? And how it’s doing me in my body? Does anybody care?”

I felt like they were just like look, just go and hold your home together and I said, hold what, there’s no home to hold. I love her dearly she knows but I think my mom and I were friendly when we are together especially when we are in the same space but when she comes around and want to talk, I know she wants to talk but I just don’t feel it and I really don’t wanna feel that way because I love her. I really love her.

Sometimes, I just don’t know because I feel like when my marriage fell apart, I feel like I failed at something and I had nowhere to land. Like it fell apart and I didn’t want it to fall apart. I felt like I disappointed my dad because we talked about it before he died and we never discussed such things and I feel like when I needed people to be there for me, no one was.

No one was there and I needed people to be there. I wanted to be able to go to my mom and cry and say, “I’m dying,” but she was just saying, “Go back to your home.” My aunties, I resented them for so long.

The worst was when I found out my husband had had a child with someone else. This was like a year to our separation and when I found out my mom had heard or that she knew, I was like, “I was done with everyone, don’t talk to me. I don’t want to have anything to do with anyone.” But I laid a thought about it and said that, “How is she supposed to tell me? How is she supposed to bring that to me? Like news or gist?” and I knew it affected her.

I knew that the way my life was going affected her. The worse thing for me is not being in a relationship now, it’s just that I wanted to give her grandchildren. I wanted us to bond over those things. And it doesn’t look like it.

My success with my life, my career is great and wonderful and I thank God for it every day but I want to be able to come at her and be like the children are misbehaving and talk about how children misbehave because I have a nephew and when I see her with him, it tears me apart.


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