Tips From Uzo Aduba For Overcoming Your Fear


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12 years after she graduated from Boston University, Nigerian-American actress, Uzo Aduba was called to address the graduating class at the 2017 College of Fine Arts Convocation.

As a successful actress who has won many award including the Emmy Awards two times, Uzo spoke on the importance of overcoming fear whilst encouraging the graduands to go for whatever they want.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Uzo talked about why she shared that message on fear

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She said, 

My overall message that I thought was most important was about fear. I remember sitting in the seat in that time at such a crucial time and so nervous about so many things coming up in your life and I just wanted them to understand that fear is not a real thing.

It’s something that we build up inside of ourselves. We think that it’s something that can paralyze us essentially and stop you from doing the things that you want to do and I wanted them to know that they should never stop trying for things, reaching for things because they are afraid.

I wanted them to know that there are things to be afraid of that don’t let those things stop you from doing….especially when we’re going into the industry of acting and music.

When I first started acting, it was scary. Like stepping into the unknown, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into really because you’ve never done it before but it’s the willingness to try, I think is the most important thing and I was willing to try and I wanted these kids to understand, “just go for it; do it freely.”

Watch the full interviews below.

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