“Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin Is The Sexiest Thing” – Waje Speaks On How She Deals With Her Insecurities


We all have our insecurities and have had to deal with them the way that works best for us.

Singer, Aituaje Iruobe, popularly known as Waje, in an interview with Vibe.ng reveals that she once had to deal with depression because she was constantly fat-shamed.

According to her, she felt she did not fit into what an artist should look like. But now, whenever she sees anything that can trigger such feelings, she runs away from it as fast as possible.

She said,

Sadness and loneliness. As humans, we go through things and we want to talk to people and express ourselves. I try not to find myself in those situations so I don’t have to pull myself out of it. There are a lot of young people who are depressed and cannot express it properly. Especially because our society is so religious, you are seen as ungrateful if you talk about the negative things that you are going through.

I went through that period because I was constantly fat-shamed and I felt that I did not fit into the physical appearance of what an artist should be. But now, once I sight an appearance of negativity or anything that will put me in that space, I run from it. I just begin bump to some of my unreleased music or I will just start to hail myself to feel better.

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On self-esteem

Nobody can be having a superiority complex around me o! My melanin is popping. I feel that
we owe it to ourselves to teach women that being comfortable in your own skin is the sexiest thing. It took a while but I am supremely confident.

I am the royal highness of my own body. Imagine if I had known I was beautiful and been
comfortable in myself for all these years. We need to teach young girls that every shade is beautiful. You can admire and appreciate someone else’s beauty but you will always be you.

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