How Angel Adelaja Is Bringing Remarkable Solutions To Agricultural Challenges In Nigeria



Although the focus of the government is to invest in the agricultural sector, the many challenges related to that sector seems insurmountable, especially as the issue of climate change has become a global concern.

Interestingly, Angel Adelaja is proffering solutions to these challenges through vertical farming and hydroponics innovations.

Angel created a revolutionary stackable container farm, using shipping containers, that is the most affordable in the world and they are made in Nigeria!

To make the agricultural sector easily accessible to all, Angel co-founded WE FARM, an agricultural NGO that focuses on collectively ensuring a better future for Africa through sustainable agriculture.

She also founded FRESH DIRECT NIGERIA, an indigenous agricultural production and processing company that bring together communities and advanced technology to provide exquisitely grown organic fruits, vegetables and meats and processed end products.

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In an interview with The Nation, Angel Adelaja shares more about FRESH DIRECT NIGERIA;

Fresh Direct Nigeria is city farming using stackable container farms! We bring fresh premium organic produce closer to market with our Container Farm Technology.

Using hydroponics and vertical farming within a shipping container, our Container Farms are able to grow directly in urban areas. This means that production is brought closer to market or at the market with ease.

We are developing and managing Urban Farm Campuses as Nigeria’s first truly “urban farm” with our Fresh Direct Container Farms. Eco Friendly Agriculture using less land and water but guaranteeing 15 times higher yield!

A 20 ft container can grow the same amount as a football pitch and a half. That’s 3000 heads of lettuce or more every month. This means that if I dropped a fresh direct farm in someone’s house today, they could be making their first sale in four weeks time or less.

This is the solution that youths are looking for. It’s not backbreaking, it’s fun, and there’s less set up costs compared to rural agriculture. Plus, there’s no headache getting produce to market when growing in the city!

The high-end produce market is relatively untapped in Nigeria and demand is currently serviced through the import market, which is rapidly becoming inaccessible due to the high cost of importation and foreign exchange.

Customers such as luxury hoteliers, restaurants, supermarkets and specialty stores are looking to source these highly perishable products from reputable providers without having to source foreign exchange. That is where we come in!


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