“Money Is Not Coming My Way!” – What Exactly Is Blocking Your Wealth? 


Money is a very sensitive matter. It’s not everything in life but who will ever deny the need of it? Knowing that you don’t need to worry about material issues brings a huge relief and a form of security, independence and stability. They will tell you “you gotta work hard” but is that a recipe for wealth? Many people are working their asses off, hustling day and night and still struggle to pay bills.

You start feeling like a slave of a system, your frustration is growing day by day, you start becoming envious and bitter, asking God what are you doing wrong and what did you do to deserve such life.

What is blocking us from prosperity and wealth that is meant for us is not laziness all the time. Nether is a bad economy or messed up system. Its what you call POVERTY MINDSET.

Its a complex syndrome that most of us pass through at some points of life and goes hand to hand with feelings of helplessness, fear, bitterness, envy, jealousy, judgmental and critical behaviour, self-pity, tends to look for excuses etc.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, nothing to be ashamed of. I think every human being dealt with poverty mindset at some point, but what is important is to recognize it and eliminate it because it’s blocking your wealth. IT TAKES AWAY FROM YOU! It is stopping your progress. It won’t give you what you deserve. And you deserve a lot.

The most powerful ways to suffocate this nasty mindset is :



Well, you are so busy complaining and thinking about what you don’t have that almost every day you forget about the amazing life you already have. I can just assume you have a phone, access to technology and the internet, electricity and that you have good health and functional body and you ate today. Well, for 80% of the world population this is a luxury and life they pray for. Don’t ever take anything for granted. Count your blessings and you will be rewarded with more because your heart will be in peace and in state of joy where it will be ready to receive more: bigger and better.



Give people credit. Stop thinking and acting like anyone who made it in life “sold their soul to the devil”.Not every successful young person is a drug pusher, scammer and not everybody sleeps with people for money. Pick somethings motivational from every person you envy and turn that jealousy into admiration. You will learn so much that way and you will understand that if they did it you can do it too! The sky is the limit!



By comparing yourself to others you will only open doors for hatred, envy, jealousy and evilness to come in and scatter your prosperity. And clearly-It won’t bring you anywhere. Especially because you don’t really know what others went through to be where they at. You don’t know their sacrifice. Nether you started from the same “start” point. The only way to spot your progress is by comparing yourself from today with yourself from yesterday, month ago or year ago. Note: nobody is your competition. There is enough of everything for everyone.



Pictures you create in your head must contain visions of your desires. Focus on your dream life. The money you want. The job you can’t wait to have. Your dream house and car. Think of abundance. Invite it. You don’t need to have one dollar in your account to feel rich. It’s a state of mind. All you have to do is to settle for wealth. To make it clear between you and yourself that you deserve it and that you are worth it.  Because you really are. And you have to feel good about it to see a change in your life. Let money become a source of your joy, not frustration. Your mind is so powerful, whatever is the emotion that is dominant in your head will reflect on your life and invite and attract the matching circumstances.



Everything about you is powerful. Words that come out of your mouth, thoughts that live inside your head. Use it wisely, in your favour not against you. Stop looking for excuses for your misery by discrediting yourself and your powers. You are the absolute boss of your life. You are in charge! Anything you truly decide must come to life.


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Sonia is a Business Woman, Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker and  Life Coach

Blog:  ogbonnasonia.blogspot.com.ng

Instagram:  @sonialareinaa

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1 Comment

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