“You Must Have A Purpose In Life That Is Beyond Your Husband. Once That Man Becomes The Centre Of Your Gravity, You Are Finished, You Are Nullified” – Jumoke Adenowo


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Award-winning architect, Jumoke Adenowo is the latest guest on the King Women series.

Raised as an assertive woman by parents who are both professors, Jumoke knew what she wanted in life and so, would not give in to substandard.

Even as a little girl, she knew whenever marriage comes, she had to make a right decision and so she did.

With a beautiful family and a thriving career, Jumoke talks about her life story.

She also talks about the ideas of the Nigerian society that needs to be re-examined and even adjusted especially as regards women.

This episode is a must watch!

Read excerpts below!


A lot of women are underwhelming the men because they are not giving them anything to do, no chase, nothing. Because the man is a hunter, he needs to go after a price. When you are easily categorized, you can be nullified. Even when you are married, you need to remain exciting. Your husband must not be sure who you’ll be in any season of your life.

So, you have natural hair today, tomorrow you cut it …he shouldn’t know exactly where you will be at every time and what you’re doing. You’ll become boring. That’s why men go after women people think are not fine but he’s not seeing her as not fine, to him, she’s exciting.

You must have a purpose in life that is beyond your husband. Once that man become the center of your gravity, you are finished, you are nullified. He needs to go after another.




You need to know your purpose very early in life and you need to know where you are headed. If a guy is intimidated by you right now in your Camry and you are headed for Ranger Rovers and private jets, it’s not going to last. So, all these don’t dumbing down because of who you want to marry, I will say to the ladies out there, be who you are.

You want to build a house, build it. you want to buy land, buy it. Be yourself while you’re waiting to get married because that yourself is what is going to attract the right person who fits that future. If you have to dump down, then, that man is not worthy of you and he’s not going to allow you to ever be yourself.

So, if he would not allow me to be me, he would have killed me. It wouldn’t have worked. There are different kinds of women, perhaps maybe they are those who are arm-candy and accessories and those who really have something to achieve in life and they know, so don’t get it mixed up.

So, maybe the arm-candy needs to go find some guy to hang onto and those who actually feel that they are created for a reason by a God who knows them and they are carrying something that will make an impact in this generation. Those ones owe their generation, so, they need to marry a man that will let them deliver what they’re carrying. So, it’s not about who he is as much as he allowing you to be you because you know you carry value.

You are not looking for someone to add to you. You know you have something to deliver, so what you need is space to deliver it whilst still being a wife and a mother.

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