How Queen Edet Hopes To Grow Her Crayfish Business Into A Company And Penetrate African Markets



For Queen Edet, an engineering student of Yaba College of Technology, the crayfish business is not a means for survival. It is a business that she hopes to grow into a company and penetrate African markets, for that reason, she has registered her business.

Not even her friends can deter her from continuing the business. She cuts off whoever will not encourage but mock her.

In a chat with Battabox, Queen shares the story behind her crayfish business, how she started, the challenges she faces and her future plans.

On how she started

It started when I finished my internship at the airport. I knew I could do quite a number of things but this is what I learned from my granny and I grew up with this. I used to help her before she passed on.

I came up with the idea that I was going to do packaging to buy people’s mind for them to buy my crayfish. Then, I went into the sorting, buying and sitting down to hand-pick it.

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On her challenges

I had this challenge of friends trying to mock at me and almost made me drop what I was doing. My pastor usually says that if one finger becomes a problem to you, cut it off, so I had to cut the ties of such friendships, because since you’re not encouraging me, what I’m I doing with you.

I had the challenge of having to jump from one bus to the other to make delivery, also while making delivery myself, I face some harassment and I had to look for a way to manage that situation, which I did by getting a dispatch rider.

On how the response to the business has been like

It has been good. I sell to my lecturers, my school mate, not just my roommate, or course mate, a lot of people in school now know that I trade on crayfish.

On her future plans

This is not for survival. It’s business that’s going to be a company on its own. I’m looking at penetrating the African market with this crayfish, so, it’s already a company on its own. I’ve already registered my own company.

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