Assisat Oshoala Expresses Concern Over How People Now Take Pride In Being Fraudsters




Comedian and singer, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, in an interview with HipTv, condemned the use of music to promote internet fraud.

This video has since gone viral and has started a conversation online. To some, Falz has stated the truth; however, some think he is referring to a colleague, stating how disrespectful it is.

Giving her opinion, footballer, Assisat Oshoala, on her Snapchat page explained that being a fraudster is nothing to be proud of and it shouldn’t be glorified in any way.

She said,

The way people are proud of being a fraudster these days ehn…Astaghfirullah. You weren’t born with a silver spoon means you have to go against GOD’S COMMANDMENTS? Smh

We all are sinners, may Almighty Allah forgive us but this guy only passed the right message to his colleagues. Even fraudsters know it’s a sin and most of them give their kids a better life…they don’t want them in the same line. So, why coming for the guy as if what he said what’s not right/true.

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E get who no dey SIN? Y’all should stop all dis drama and live with the critics that come with your job. As a baller people criticize us and we take it as what comes with the job.


I read that SegunWire post and it made me believe that a lot of people have lost it. I am a SINNER and I am not proud of it. The truth remains FRAUDSTERS shouldn’t be GLORIFIED according to my HOLY QURAN. But yet again, he said DO NOT JUDGE. We are all the same. No small sin, NO BIG SIN.

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