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Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji Shares Her Experience With Kidnappers While Condemning Those Calling For The Release Of Evans The Kidnapper


Last year December, Social entrepreneur, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji shared how she was kidnapped on her way from the airport and how she escaped but she didn’t give full details.

She has now shared more details on the sad experience while condemning the #FreeEvans campaign that has been demanding the release of the arrested Kidnapper.


She wrote,


You see, at about 2:30 am on December 15th, 2016, I had just arrived Lagos, Nigeria from Boston via Lufthansa Airlines. On my way home, I got kidnapped, driven away in my own Vehicle by a total stranger in the dead of the Night.

Chukwudemeje George Onwamadike aka Evans, a Malefactor who terrorized Innocent Nigerians to extort as high as $1 Million Dollars, 1 Million Euros, N500Million Naira at different times as ransom, who double-crossed a Bank’s Bullion Van and carted away N200Million has finally met his Nemesis but my Countrymen are pressurizing Security Forces to set him Free because he’s “pleading for forgiveness” and his wife and children are shedding organized crocodile tears.

I am my Mother’s First of 4 Children. My Single Mom sold everything from her Choice Dishes to our Microwave to her Jewelry to pay my first school fees when I resumed at the University of Jos in 2002 to study Civil Law. Owo oniru, Owo oniyo, Owo alata.

I am my young Husband’s only Wife and a mother of a 17-month-Old beautiful daughter who’s still mumbling gibberish and hasn’t uttered the word, “Mommy” yet. I was in Labour for 31 excruciating hours having that child.

That Night on the Dec 15th, my Driver was chasing after us bare feet screaming and shouting for help.

My abductor sped off mindlessly. I escaped and saved my Life by jumping off the moving Vehicle. The Mercy of God made the wisdom and smarts to central lock the SUV from the Driver’s side evade him. I landed on the right part of my Body and I was in pain and agony for days.

I stayed in hiding for all of the 2weeks I spent in Lagos and then quietly flew back to Boston to complete my studies at Harvard. My Vehicle was recovered and apparently, my Kidnapper worked for a major Kingpin somewhere in the Country as we found out when he was arrested. He had charms wrapped in One Thousand Naira notes in his Pant Pockets (I can’t share cogent details for security reasons). This Story still gives me the Jitters.

I am forever grateful to the DPO of Area F Police station in Ikeja, ASP Soji Akinbayo and 2 of his Officers, Mr. Ndukwe and Mrs. Dolapo. I visited them before I traveled to express my appreciation and give them gifts. Everyone was a suspect in that case, in fact, my driver himself was kept in custody for a week until things became clearer. THE NIGERIAN POLICE KNOW THEIR JOB. WE NEED TO RALLY THE GOVERNMENT TO INCENTIVIZE AND EMPOWER THEM MORE.

I have come to Nigeria a Number of times afterward but I have been too scared to tell when I’m home. In fact, I was in just last month. Mine is the only country where we the citizens travel to but must turn off our Location Settings and lay low. EVANS AND HIS COHORT MADE US FUGITIVES IN OUR OWN LAND.

People like me were fortunate to have escaped and stay alive to tell this story. Just like the Donatus Dunu Pharmacist Gentleman who scurried off after paying N100 Million as part of the requested N500Million Ransom and made a statement to the Police with which Evans was finally nabbed.

I am Female. If I were taken away that night, I could have been raped or possibly killed if my Family couldn’t raise the Millions of Dollars and Euros that Evans was used to collecting from his Victims. 10years ago, one of my friends went to church and never returned till today. Just Like that.

By these, how do the people advocating for the release and freedom of a cold-blooded, hardened criminal mastermind and murderer who lived in an N130Million House he confessed he furnished with N40Million like Evans think people like me feel? The day he was caught, Policemen said they had to insert a Broom in his anus to render the Devilish Charms with which he protected himself impotent.

What would have become of my aging Mom whose Joy lies in watching my Siblings and I prosper in good health? I would have left my only Brother and 2 Sisters behind.

How about my young child, my Husband who could have been widowed only
2.5 years into our marriage, how about all that I legitimately worked for and built through the years with my Team? What about my dreams that Nigeria will be great in my Lifetime and my hopes to be part of her Revolution and Rebuilding?

How about the Trauma that still envelopes me each time I arrive MMA and the writhing pain in my right elbow that won’t go away 6months after?

Fellow Nigerians. Evans is not going anywhere. He killed, maimed, exploited and traumatized scores of our people. I know many people whose Relatives were kidnapped that refused to make it public but settled the Kidnappers privately for the fear that they may be hounded. Many undisclosed ransoms have been paid in this country that never filters into the Media. People suddenly getting missing day in, day out.

Evans is a menace to society who’s unfit to dwell amongst humans. He must face the full wrath of the Law, all his vain acquisitions sold and the proceeds used to pay back those from whom he received ransoms – he must meet his maker soon and fulfill his dreams of being born again in Heaven.

His Anti-kidnapping Ambassadorial pledge to Nigerians will hold more water, discourage and send a strong message to his Colleagues out there if he is tried, prosecuted and executed.

Deterrents are crucial in eliminating Criminality otherwise we will by ourselves, unleash felons and brigands upon Nigeria and blood will keep flowing.

To all those who want Evans freed, to each of you a Brain. It will not happen. Live with It.



Posted by Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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