​Mothers And Our Mental Load


It’s the end of another term and moms are busy online and on the phone making plans for summer. Letting the holiday just go by is no longer an option for many moms. We all want our kids to succeed. From coding to sewing, piano lessons and tennis sessions, summer camps are oversubscribed because mothers made it happen.

Any mom you see walking, cycling or driving on the road has got so much on their mind. From dusk to dawn, there’s an endless list of things to keep up with. It almost feels like twenty-four hours isn’t enough to complete all the outstanding tasks. Even with all the technology, support staff and new ideas to make our lives easier and simpler, we still feel a little overwhelmed every now and then.

Unlike dads, our minds are constantly racing. To manage your mental load:

Learn To Ask For Help – Many women don’t expect their spouses to keep up to their standards of homemaking and raising the children. They may not be perfect but they can take some burden off us. Men are not mind readers and if you don’t ask for help, they’ll think you’re just fine. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help and be willing to accept less than your standards occasionally to catch your breath.

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Take A Break Before You Breakdown – Mums work so hard, they are constantly multitasking, planning ahead, exploring ways to manage the home. Learn to strike a balance between caregiving and self-care. You need to rest, relax and recharge regularly to serve your family effectively. Take some time away alone to spoil yourself. Don’t wait till your blood pressure is raised.

Focus On Core Priorities – There will be more tasks to complete tomorrow so focus on what’s important today, avoid urgent requests and don’t overschedule your kids. Just because you are a mum doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Some tasks can be delegated while others can’t. Spend more time on your core roles as a mum and don’t feel bad delegating or skipping less important tasks.

You Are Not Perfect And It’s Ok – Stop comparing yourself with other mums. We are all trying our best and it’s only our kids that will decide in the future whether our effort was worth it but in the meantime, give motherhood your best shot. Accept when you make mistakes and listen to your kids. We may be trying to do so much for our kids while they are longing so desperately for our time and attention.

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