How To Get Over A Heartbreak Or Break Up


Nobody plans for a heartbreak when going into a relationship. Everybody wants a happy forever after.

Sadly, heartbreak happens when we least expected and it hurts to see one’s beloved say goodbye. While it is okay to cry, you can’t stay crying, you’ve got to move on.

Moving on takes time but it is achievable.

Life and relationship vlogger, Towmeey discusses tested and tried tips on how to get over a heartbreak.

She listed,

  • Accept that it has happened.
  • Missing them is normal, so, block them on all social media platforms if it will help you to heal faster.
  • Don’t stay in contact with the person.
  • Delete pictures of you together. Delete anything that will remind you of him.

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  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Don’t go into another relationship immediately. You need space to get yourself together.
  • If you have money, travel to have fun and think through.
  • Allow yourself feel the hurt. Cry if you want to.
  • Learn valuable lessons from it.

Watch the full video below.

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